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beauty makeup tips
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Beauty Makeup Tips for a gorgeous you

There is a popular saying that Beauty is skin Deep. Everyone wants to looks gorgeous and most individuals try various means by which they can enhance their looks. Most women wear make-up in order to look ravishing and transform their looks instantly. Make-up not only flatters your appearance but also highlights your skin tone and can make your features appear sharper. All women, from celebrities and models to office goers and homemakers wear make-up. Every woman is noticed for the way she dresses up and carries herself. There are numerous beauty make-up tips available everywhere from fashion magazines and beauty features to numerous websites and catalogues.

Both men and women have been wearing cosmetics for centuries, even though the styles, techniques and trends have undergone a dramatic change over time. The earliest record of make-up application comes from Egypt. Males and females of the Egyptian civilization are known to have used unguent, a substance that kept their skin hydrated and supple and also delayed the appearance of wrinkles. Cosmetics were created from copper and lead ore and Egyptian women adorned their eyes by applying dark green color to the lid and darkened the lashes with kohl derived from antimony or soot.

For several centuries, women are known to have used burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to color their lips and chalk to lighten their complexion. Every civilization had its own trend and beauty make-up tips catalogue that was passed on from one generation to another and s still prevalent in the dressing style of some of the cultures.

Modern Trends and Makeup

A famous dramatist once said that a woman without make-up is like food without salt. Today, the cosmetics market has become a multi-million dollar industry with millions of women across the globe looking to buy the latest beauty-products in order to look and feel good. Make-up is not about looking like a walking pancake but is all about using the right techniques to make you look elegant and radiant. It is essential for you to experiment with different colors, textures, cosmetics and brands in order to find the right products that blend well with your complexion. Application of make-up in itself is an art that can instantly transform your looks from plain Jane into a gorgeous diva. It boosts your self confidence and self esteem and uplifts your mood.

Basic Beauty Makeup Tips and essentials:

Foundation: This is the basis of any make-up. It is essential for you to find the right tone of foundation in order to make it blend with your complexion. Test the foundation on the inside of your wrist. The foundation must disappear once applied and must camouflage imperfections and make your skin glow. Foundation always looks darker in the bottle. I is unadvisable to buy any product prior to trying it on yourself. Creamier foundations are ideal for dry skin, whereas water-based liquid foundations are great for oily skin.

Compact: This is one of the most essential products found in any make-up kit. Compact gives a smooth sheen to your skin, helps the make-up to last longer, absorbs oil and prevents that unwanted oily shine on the face. Face powders can be loose, or pressed. Loose powders are great for day make-up as they keep you looking fresh all day long, whereas pressed powders are ideal for touching up the make-up and are easier to carry.

Eye essentials: To begin beautifying your eyes, you must begin by applying a subtle shade of eye shadow on your lids. Apply even pressure and cover them with the help of a sponge applicator in order to blend the shade uniformly. Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow in the sockets of the eyes starting from the inner corners and extending right to the edge of your eyes. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, apply liquid eyeliner. Avoid using pencils, as they fail to make your eyes sparkle. Choose a dark color such as black, dark grey, brown or dark blue and apply a thin line tracing the natural shape of your eyes. Once the eyeliner dries out, you must apply mascara. The shade of your mascara should be black in order to make your eyes stand out.

Lipsticks: Your choice of lipstick depends entirely on your taste. There are various types of lipsticks available in the market from matte lipsticks, hydrating lipsticks and frosted lipsticks to glitter lipsticks, two in one lipsticks and extra sheen lipsticks. Lipsticks protect the lips from getting dry and keep them hydrated. Always apply lipstick with a lipstick applicator brush and dab the extra lipstick with a tissue. By experimenting with various techniques you can make your lips look fuller, thinner and more attractive.

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