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Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing is a common body piercing that is made on the face. The piercing is made right through the eyebrow anywhere from directly above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow. Usually, the piercing is made vertically and takes around 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely. It is however, important for you to know all about this facial piercing in order to avoid the risk of infection and sport your piercing with a bold attitude.

Most eyebrow piercing are extremely safe and do not get easily irritated. However, exposure to heavy make-up clogging of sweat and touching it with unclean hands can often lead to an infection. Even after healing, the piercing has the tendency to close within 24 to 48 hours of the removal of the jewellery. It is essential for you to know all about the piercing prior to going in for it in order to be able to take proper care once you have got your eyebrow pierced.

Always to a professional:

Like all other pierces, it s important for you to go to a professional for getting your eyebrows pierced. It is most likely to hurt but the pain vanishes in less than a minute. In order to begin your healing process, it is best to consult the expert who has pierces your eyebrows. You need to keep your piercing clean and refrain from touching it too often. Go in for a piercing, only when you are in the prime of your health. If you are currently unwell, you must wait until you have completely recovered in order to get a piercing. The white blood cells play an important role in aiding the healing process and if your body is already in the recovering stage, it will take a lot longer to aid the healing of your piercing and won’t be able to protect it against the action of a virus or bacteria.

Never try piercing your eyebrows at home as it is very dangerous. Also avoid getting the piercing done with a piercing gun, squeeze pierce or shot. An approved sterilized needle is the only instrument you must use in order to get the piercing. You must select the professional with care. It is recommended that you go to a well known piercing parlor rather than getting it done from just any round the corner outlet. You must also do your survey properly before getting the piercing. This will also give you a chance of comparing the prices and see the portfolios of different experts.

Eyebrow jewellery:

This mostly comprises of barbells, curved barbells and captive bead rings. Each of these exerts a varying degree of pressure on the eyebrows and can often cause irritation if not handled well.

The Healing Process:

It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks for the eyebrow piercing to heal. It may take longer for the piercing to heal depending on the individual. After healing, the eyebrows tend to close up between 24 to 48 hours. This happens because the skin where the piercing is done is very thin and contains a number of hair follicles and mush skin tissue is absent. In some individuals, the closing up takes a long time.

Taking care of your piercing:

It is extremely important for you to take appropriate care of your eyebrow piercing. If the piercing tool is not properly sterilized the chances of infection increase. If bacteria are introduced at the time of piercing, chances of inflammation increase resulting in a swollen eyebrow and even fever.

It is necessary for you to treat your piercing with a hot compress at least twice a day and clean it thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap and cream. Sea salt soaks are also extremely useful in treating lumps.

Avoid the application of alcohol on the piercing as it tends to dry out the wound preventing air from reaching the site.

Avoid touching or removing the piercing too much during the healing process. This often leads to the development of bacteria and puss forming hard rings around the piercing. This can be extremely painful.

With proper care, you can sport a really magnificent piercing and flaunt it all around. Remember to do your research well and only then go ahead with the procedure. Take care of your piercing and clean it thoroughly to avoid infection.

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