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How to Apply Face Powder

Make-up is an art that can either enhance your looks or make you look like an overdone aunt. For centuries, women have been admired for the art of wearing make-up, which is an essence of beauty. There are thousands of cosmetics that are being introduced on a daily basis to compliment the skin and beauty of millions of women across the globe. Face powder is an important make-up essential that is required the set in the foundation, does a touch-up and helps you to wear your make-up all day long. It keeps all other make-up such as eye shadow, blusher, foundation etc. in place. It also helps camouflage and imperfections and tones up the effect of foundation, enabling it to blend well with your skin tone. It is essential for you to know how to apply face powder in order to get a natural look rather than a done up look.

Types of face powders:

Face powder is used to ‘set’ the foundation to last longer and also to provide staying power to the lipstick. There are two types of face powders:

Loose Powder: This type of powder is great for day make-up and is often available in its untouched form. It is recommended to combine cream foundation with loose powder to set in the make-up.

Block Powder or Compact: When loose powder is compressed into a solid form it is known as solid powder or compact. This can be easily carried in your purse and is ideal for a touch-up. It is also great for setting in liquid foundation and this combination creates a naturally smooth and silky finish.

In addition to these, there are certain types of pigment facial powders that are meant to be worn without any foundation. These powder tone and even the facial skin. Certain SPF face powders also act as sunscreen and protect skin damage from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. They are available in the form of compressed as well as loose powder and can be easily applied with the help of a sponge or applicator brush.

Hot to apply Face powder tricks and tips:

Translucent face powder enables you to seal in the foundation, leaving as lasting, silken finish without changing the skin tone.

Block powder must be applied with a face powder brush. Stroke gently in the direction of facial hair until the skin is smooth and silky.

If you are using loose powder, dust the powder lightly all over the face and neck. Employ a cotton pad or powder puff to press powder to the skin patch by patch. Now use a large powder puff to brush off the excess powder.

Run an ice cube over the powdered area to set the make-up or dip a piece of cotton wool in chilled water. Squeeze out water and press over the powdered area.

Picking the right Face Powder:

It is not only important to know how to apply face powder, but is essential to select the right color in order to enhance your looks. There are a wide range of colors in which both loose and compact powders are available that have been specifically formulate to suit all types of skin tones. One of the best ways to select your face powder is by choosing a shade closest to your base foundation.

When you go powder shopping, you are likely to come across various face powders in vibrant green and purples. Green face powders are beneficial for those with a red or ruddy skin tone. If you skin tends to get red quite often, you may need to use one of these green face powders to tone down the redness and even out your skin tone.

Purple skin powders are meant to revive dull, ashen or yellow looking skin and give it an instant kick of color. These powders revive your skin and give you a radiant glow within a few minutes.

Precautions to be taken while applying face powder:

Apply the powder softly all over the face and neck for an even skin tone. Do not rub it too harshly.

Avoid getting the powder into the eyes.

Remember to brush off excess powder with the help of a cotton ball.

Make up is an ideal tool to enhance your beauty. You must learn to be a little more creative with the wide range of beauty products and cosmetics available in the market to enrich your looks. The art of make-up is all about experimenting and implementing.

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