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beauty makeup tips
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Five Minute Makeup

Applying make up is an art in itself. There are a number of cosmetics to pick and choose from in today’s time and you can use some friendly tips and tricks to enhance your looks in just a few minutes. If you are always in a rush or need to dab on make up while shifting between business meetings, corporate lunches and associate dinners, one of the quickest ways is to master the fine art of applying the five minute make-up. This will keep you glowing and prepare you to take on everything in your stride with confidence.

Make up helps you enhance your looks and personality. It is very important for a woman to appear well maintained and looking fresh in order to get the desired attention. Make –up also helps camouflage any blemishes or discoloration helping you revive your confidence. If you are always on the move, it is essential for you to understand your skin type and use the right products in order to get the right look instantly. You must always carry your make up essentials and keep them handy in order to use them anytime and anywhere.

Handy Make up essentials:

  • Always carry a tube foundation in your bag as it does not spill.
  • Carry a small two- in- one blusher and eye shadow kit.
  • Make sure that you have a blush application brush and a lipstick brush handy.
  • Carry a compact for touch ups.
  • If you cannot carry liquid liner, substitute it with a pencil liner for the final touches.
  • Always carry tissues.
  • A versatile shade of lipstick for all occasions is a must.

Five minute make-up: How to do it?

Moisturize: It is essential for you to dot on moisturizer before applying any kind of make up. It is recommended that you wait for at least ten minutes before dabbing on some foundation but you can always use a wet sponge to even the foundation in case you don’t have that much time at hand.

Foundation: Apply foundation in dots all over your face and blend well. Make sure that your foundation evens out your complexion and does not make you stand out. For an instant finish, it is best to use a foundation brush as it gives great coverage without leaving a trace of sponge marks. The idea is to get a natural look in five minutes.

Powder: Use a brush to apply powder, particularly under the eyes and on the T-zone. Blend it well. You can use your compact for a touch up later on.

Eye shadow: Use your favorite eye shadow to highlight your lids. Try blending it with your favorite moisturizer or lip balm for a smooth finish in a few minutes.

Eye liner: Use good eyeliner for an added effect. Concentrate on the outer corners to nhance your eyes on account of the time constraint and avoid using too much in the center or else your whole make up will get smudged.

Mascara: Apply a quick coat of mascara to highlight your lashes.

Brow pencil: Use a flat brow pencil to color and enhance the brows. You can also use a darker shade of eye shadow and highlight your brows for a quick effect.

Blusher: Use a blusher application brush to highlight your cheeks Remember, if you are using a rosy pink, you can apply it on the nose as well as the chin to get a healthy glow but restrict the browns to the cheeks.

Lips: Use a fine lip brush to apply lipstick and dab the excess lipstick on a tissue.

Some handy five minute make up tips:

  • Prior to beginning the application, set everything out.
  • Your five minute make-up is easy to carry and does not take too much space.
  • Identify your skin type before hand and use the appropriate products and cosmetics.
  • Five minute make up is a great choice for vacations, long journeys, office goers and party poopers.
  • Always remember to carry your favorite fragrance for that last minute magic.

So, the next time you are on the run, you’ll know how to pep up your looks in five minutes. With these handy tips you can always remain looking great anywhere and at any point of time during the night or day.

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