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beauty makeup tips
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Some women wear foundation while others wear a sensation. Foundation is one of the most widely available make-up essentials. There are thousands of formulas that help you decide which foundation is best suited as per your complexion, skin texture and tone. Foundation is the base for all types of make-up and must be chosen with care and expertise. One of the best ways to decide upon the best foundation is to try it on. Foundation helps conceal blemishes, hides any traces of wrinkles, gives the skin a firmer look, hides redness and makes you look younger.

Foundation contains a vitamin or mineral base that not only helps the skin look firmer but also makes it function better. It helps to cover up any flaws on the skin and leaves a smooth base for make-up. There are three types of foundations:

Liquid Foundations: This type of foundation is light and is used for day make-up. It is applied with the fingertips or a damp sponge.

Cream Foundation: This type of foundation is slightly heavier than the liquid foundation. If you have too many blemishes, cream foundation can provide a good cover-up.

Pancake or solid Foundation: This is the heaviest mask of foundation and leaves you with a highly unnatural made-up look. It is absolutely unsuitable for day make-up but ideal for photography and other theatrical events that employ lightening.

Choosing the Right Foundation:

Selecting the right shade of foundation can be a tedious task. The right foundation base is determined by your skin type and color. The foundation you choose should match your true skin tone as closely as possible. It is best to try out a shade in bright daylight. Cream foundations are recommended for dry skin, whereas cake make-up is ideal for oily skin as it has a drying effect on the skin. It is also ideal for touch up. It is a little heavy which makes it look excellent under artificial lights.

Tinted liquid foundation gives a uniform, even texture to the skin and is ideal for late evening make up or for dinners and late night parties. An oil-free water based foundation is god for oily skin as it tends to dry up quickly and blends immediately to avoid a blotchy look.

It is best to try the foundation on the side of the hand below the wrist for judging which she would be best suited according to your skin tone. The shade that you pick should essentially match the darkest part of your face. If you have porcelain skin, you ay go in for shades with a pink hue, but for all other skin tones, yellow hue foundations work best. You may use a shade darker or lighter than your skin tone, but too much variation will result in a highly unnatural look.

Preparing to apply foundation:

Prior to applying any sort of make up, it is essential t clean the skin thoroughly to get rid of the grime and dirt. If make-up is applied on dirty skin, it may result in an outbreak of acne.

You may use a medicated concealer stick to cover up the blemishes or to lighten dark shadows before putting on foundation.

If your skin is dry, it will absorb the foundation soon after it has been applied. Make it last longer by applying a moisturizer beforehand. Alternatively, you could opt for a powder foundation. If your face is oily, make sure the moisturizer is oil-free. You could also set it with loose powder to make it last longer.

Applying Foundation:

The trick is to enhance your look through a minimal make-up base. Foundation evens out your texture and skin tone. It helps to protect your skin from pollution and the harmful UV radiation of the sun. It evens out your skin texture and tone and camouflages all imperfections.

To apply foundation:

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly.
  • Dab a little astringent.
  • For dry skin, follow with a moisturizer.
  • Blot excess moisturizer with a tissue.
  • Avoid using a concealer with a cream foundation.
  • Put a blob of foundation o to the palm of your hand.
  • Dot foundation on the face section by section.
  • Blend each section before moving on.
  • It is advisable to start with your forehead and blend downwards away from the hairline.
  • Lastly, do your brow bone and your nose.
  • Set the foundation using a damp cosmetic brush or tissue.

For an evening out or late night party, you can do with a glamorous look. A lighter and natural foundation looks good on any face where day make-up is concerned. Every woman is endowed with her own special features and it is up to you to decide which look would suit you most.

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