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How to Apply Eye Liner

Eyeliner is used to accentuate your eyes and define them. It can make even the smallest of eyes appear large and bright if applied correctly. According to most make-up professionals, eyeliner is one of the trickiest make up accessories to use but is also one of the most dynamic. Most individuals use pencil eyeliner as it is easy to apply but with a little practice you can learn how to apply liquid eye liner as well.

Eyes are considered to be the windows to your soul and dressing them up appropriately can transform your features instantly. One of the most basic rules is to choose your eyeliner with great care. The cosmetics market is flooded with a wide range of eyeliners in various colors to suit different individuals. You must always select eyeliner that will complement your eyes instead of making them appear out of proportion. For darker eyes it is recommended that you use black or dark blue, for lighter eyes you can go in for browns, bronzes and coppers, whereas for blue eyes you can opt for silvers and grays and green eyes look great when enhanced with golds. Also, remember to match your eyeliner with your eye shadow for the perfect look.

Types of eyeliners:

Prior to selection your eyeliner, you must know that you can select from pencil eyeliners and liquid eyeliners. The former define your eyes softly, while the latter offer a more dramatic look. A pencil eyeliner should be able to draw a thin line on te ld next to the lashes without breaking. Therefore, your eyeliner pencil must be properly sharpened prior to using it. It is advisable for you to test it on your arm or back of the wrist before using it on your lids. Then use it on a tissue to make its tip slightly blunt.

Liquid eyeliners come in a bottle and look like ink. They are applied with the help of an eyeliner brush that has a straight, firm handle and soft bristles.

How to apply eyeliner to dress up your eyes:

Pencil eyeliner: Prior to applying eyeliner, you must apply any other make up such as eye shadow and glitter on the eye lids. Remove all bracelets and watches before applying eyeliner in order to avoid smudging it. You must also have adequate lighting while applying eyeliner in order to get the perfect shape.

Hold the eyeliner pencil with your writing hand and with the help of the other hand stretch the eye you wish to line from the outer corner. Focus on the part of your lid you are drawing on. The line should be just above your eyelashes on the top lid and just below on the bottom. Extend the line to the outer corner of your eye. You must ensure that the tip of your pencil is not dry as it might pull at the delicate eye tissues and cause an injury.

Liquid Eyeliner: You must try and keep your eye open in order to make the task easier. This also enables you to draw a straighter line without smudging it. You can start by painting a few dashes on your eyelids and then join them to form a straight line. Start by painting the dashes on the inner corner, middle and outer corner of your lids. Then slowly, correct this and define your eyes. For getting a thick line, you must build it up by starting at the middle and stretching it towards the outer corner of your lids. For making your eyes appear larger, stretch the line towards the outer corner of your lids.

With these easy tips you can learn how to apply eyeliner correctly for the desired effect. In case, you end up spoiling the liner, dab it with a wet tissue and carry on. Your eyeliner not only enhances your eyes but also adds on to the overall effect you wish to have on the onlookers. All you need is to master the art of applying eyeliner with a little bit of practice and you are ready to make an impact.

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