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How to Apply Eye Shadow

Dressing up the windows to your soul can be a tedious task if you are unaware of the simple tips and techniques to play with color and contours. Eyes speak volumes about you even without words. They tend to give you away and are the focal point of attention when someone is interacting with you. By dressing up your eyes you can swing yourself in any mood for any occasion. Whether you opt for the smoky eye look or want to curb the summer heat with a rush of color, you can display the right look by donning up your eyes appropriately. It is essential for you to know how to apply eye shadow in order to enhance your eyes.

The cosmetics industry is brimming with all types of products to suit different skin tones and complexions. Eye shadows too, are of various types ranging from matted and semi matted ones to glittering powdered or creamy ones. With the use of a good eye shadow, you can color and shape the socket area to prep up your lids. A good eye shadow brush with an angled tone is a must have as it helps to apply eye shadow on the lids and into the eye socket area.

How to apply eye shadow to get the right effect:

Eye make up is meant to give shape to the eyes and glamorize the overall effect. You can lend depth, intensity and expression to your eyes by dressing them with the appropriate shades. Eye shadows can lend a mysterious charm to your eyes and give them an enigmatic look. It is essential for you to find the right shade in order to get the desired look. For this, you need to experiment with humungous color palette available in the market. It is recommended that you use a shadow tone and not a distinct color to highlight your eyes. Discover colors that enhance your eyes. If you are a brown or black eyed beauty, you can choose the most vivid and bright colors for a vibrant look. If you are blessed with blue eyes, shades in silver and shimmering pearls can work wonders for you. For green eyes, hues of gold and copper look resplendent.

Setting the base:

Eye make up is definitely no rocket science but at the same time some rules ought to be kept in mind to avoid a cosmetic chaos. Start with a freshly, exfoliated face.

Prep your eyes with a concealer:

To hide dark circles, select a cosmetic under eye concealer that is one shade lighter than the foundation you are using.

Place three dots of concealer under each eye.

Start at the inner corner where the skin is darkest, on under the pupil and the third on the outer edge.

Stroke with your ring finger until the dots disappear and blend into the skin.

Generally, avoid concealers with an oil base as the oil tends to settle into fine lines under your eyes and draw attention to the circles.

How to apply eye shadow for turning on the charm?

Eye shadows are used to add a mystical charm to your eyes. You must ensure that the eye shadow you choose enhances your eyes and does not dominate them.

If your eyes are too close together, apply the shadow from the middle of the eye lid towards the outside.

If the eyes are in a hollow, apply the shadow on the whole eyelid as far as the underside of the eyebrow and then shade it off with the finger.

If fine lines surround your eyes, shade off the shadow towards the outside of the eyelid. Apply a little shadow beneath the eyes, along the lower lash line to give your eyes a subtle glamorous look.

The color of the eye shadow gets a shade lighter when applied on the eyes. So, apply eye shadow sufficiently.

If you are using two colors, start with the light color that almost matches your lid.

Apply the shade starting from the inner corner of the eye covering the lid and below the brow bone.

Build on this with the darker color in the crease, from the centre and brush till the end of the eye brow.

Once you have mastered the art of applying eye shadow you can display stunning eyes in front of everyone. Be prepared to be eyed by all.

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