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How to Apply Lipstick

According to a world famous phrase by Max Factor: A woman who does not wear lipstick feels undressed in public unless she works at a farm. Ever since the dawn of civilization, women have been engaged in beatifying themselves and lipstick has come into being an inseparable part of the process of beautification. From ancient Egyptians and ancient Greek to the era of Queen Elizabeth, women have adorned their lips with lipstick. It is estimated that over 92 million American women do not leave home without their lipstick on. However, it is essential for you to know how to apply lipstick appropriately in order to beautify your pout.

Lipstick is made from a combination of beeswax, oil and coloring essence. It releases intense color to your lips and comes in a wide variety of creamy, subtle shades. The cosmetics industry is flooded with all types of lipstick brands and types ranging from frosted lipsticks to vitamin E enriched creamy ones.

Defining your lips for a perfect pout:

With a little practice you can apply the lipstick perfectly. Since you need a steady hand, you can place the elbow on the make up table while you work with the hand holding the lip brush. With the other hand, you may support your chin.

Lip colors took different on every face and always complement the natural skin tone. If you want your color to last longer apply the base foundation first. This serves as a protective covering for the lips. Next you must powder your lips and outline them using a lip liner.

What you need:

It is not a very difficult task to apply lipstick to perfection. However, you must know how to apply lipstick accurately in order to get a stunning pucker. There are few things you will need while prepping up your lips.

Lip Pencils: These are ideally used to outline and reshape the lips. They are available in a wide range of colors and look like normal pencils.

Lip brush: These are used to smear lipstick onto the lips rather than using lipstick directly on the lips. The soft lip brush helps fill in color smoothly to your lips without leaving lines on your lips.

Lipstick: These are available in cream and tube form. Lovely plain and frosted colors add a spot of color to your face. For a more intense impact, you can also opt for matted lipstick. You can even mix and match lipsticks for creating a new shade.

Lip Gloss: These are usually clear with an exception of the tinted ones. Lip glosses lend your lips a soft, glamorous look.

Dry Tissues: These are used to blot the lips after application of lipstick.

How to apply lipstick in a few steps:

  • For the upper lip start from the centre and line outwards.
  • For the lower lip, outline from side to side and proceed to fill the lips with color by using a lip brush.
  • Once again, begin with the centre of the upper lip and move to the sides.
  • On the lower lip, color from side to side.
  • Blot with tissue by placing the folded piece in between the lips and pressing them together.
  • Lip liners may be used for correcting the lip shape and to prevent lipstick from smudging the lip line.
  • For that extra glossy shine, apply frosted highlighter or gloss on the centre bottom lips.

Shaping the lips:

Thin or less broad lips may be easily corrected by outlining them with a lip pencil a little outside the natural lip line. Alternatively, lip gloss may be applied on the upper lip. This will lend a fuller appearance to your lips.

Outline crooked lips either below or above the natural shape depending on the fault.

To slim full, thick lips, line your lips inside the natural shape with a lighter shade of lipstick and fill in the outline with a shade brighter.

Lipstick with a matte finish helps to give the illusion of smaller lips. To obtain a matte finish look, apply lipstick then place a thin tissue over your lips. Now dust powder over it.

If your lip line is droopy, outline it with the lip pencil in a shade slightly darker than your lip color. Use lip gloss to touch up the centre.

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