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beauty makeup tips
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How to Apply Make-up appropriately

The first thing people tend to notice about a woman is her face. It projects her deepest essence and is the primary medium of interaction. Beautiful women have always been admired for their priceless make-up and the fine art of dressing. In olden days women went to great lengths to achieve the perfect look. They even used highly poisonous substances such as lead and copper in traditional cosmetics to enhance their looks. Thanks to the advancement in technology, contemporary women have access to clinically tested cosmetics that are good for the skin and protect it at the same time enhancing their looks. It is very important for the modern woman to know how to apply make up in order to remain confident and look gorgeous while juggling various chores between home and office.

There are millions of fashion magazines, journals, websites and courses that enable you to learn the various techniques of applying make up and looking your best on all occasions. Whether it is the annual parents’ day or a corporate luncheon, you need to walk in with confidence and these simple tips can help you achieve the right look in a short span of time.

How to apply make-up for all occasions:

The best way to keep looking young and glowing is by taking good care of your skin. You need to cleanse tone and moisturize it daily in order to retain its natural sheen. In addition to this, the intake of a healthy diet and 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis is essential to keep your skin supple. Prior to applying make-up, you must apply a good moisturizer with an SPF count of at least 15 to protect your face from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Foundation: This is perhaps the most essential component of any make-up kit. It forms the base for all types of make up and is used to cover any flaws and helps give your skin a flawless finish. There are various types of foundations available these days ranging from liquid and cream foundations to solid foundations and mousse. A natural and perfect beauty look can be had with a minimal make up base. Foundation evens out your texture and skin tone. It also protects the skin from pollution. The foundation you choose must match your true skin tone as closely as possible. You may use a shade darker or lighter but too much variation will result in a highly unnatural look.

Concealer: This is used to hide any blemishes or dark spots on the face. You must dab little bit of concealer and blot any excess with a dampened tissue.

Face Powder: These are of two types— loose powder and compact. After applying the concealer, you must spread loose powder evenly on your face and neck using a powder applicator brush. This helps set in the make up base and evens out your complexion.

Eye shadow: There are a variety of eye shadows available these days. Those in shades of browns and taupe tend to suit most women. The best way to highlight your eyes is by selecting the most compatible shade. You need to experiment with a wide range of colors and textures prior to determine which eye shadow is best suited for your eyes. You can also choose from powdered shadows to matted and semi-matted ones. Darker shades are used for getting the smoky eye effect, which is ideal for parties. But you must remember that if you are highlighting the eyes, you must go neutral with the lips.

Eyeliner: Use black or brown eyeliner and draw a thin line on the upper lid next to the lashes for enhancing your eyes.

Mascara: If you are going in for day make-up or the natural look, it s recommended that you select a transparent mascara. Black or brown mascara can be used for evening makeup.

Blusher: You can select between a powdered or cream blusher for highlighting your cheeks. For day make-up it is recommended that you select a natural shade. Every individual has a natural flush and it is essential for you to select a blusher that is closest to it. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and on the temples for an added finish.

Lipstick: You can choose from vibrant reds, mahogany, brown, pink and frosted shades to dress up your lips. Use a pencil lip liner for added impact.

It is extremely important for you to know how to apply make-up correctly in order to enhance your looks. Every woman is beautiful and has a unique charm, but the art of dressing up can certainly enhance her looks or deteriorate them. How you camouflage your flaws and highlight your best features is entirely in your hands. With a great deal of experimentation and experience you will learn how to tame your looks for every occasion.

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