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beauty makeup tips
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Makeup Brushes for the right strokes

The cosmetics market is growing rapidly and at an unprecedented rate. Every woman wants to look her best and enhance her features and persona by wearing the right make up to suit her skin type and personality. The market not only caters to young girls and women but also has a wide range of cosmetics for men. Make-up enhances one’s features and overall appearance. The idea is no longer to look painted and glossy but has shifted from traditional trends towards looking more natural and appealing.

A well maintained woman is always dressed up and applies trendy, classy make up. She is now associated with the kind of products she uses to enhance her looks and how well she is able to carry it off. Everyone wears make up from college girls to young women and ladies. Make up is the art of accentuating your features by applying the right cosmetics in order to make the right impact. Keeping this in mind, it is essential for you to posses the right make up accessories in order to beautify yourself. You not only need to identify your skin type, skin tone and features but also need the appropriate make up kit, lipsticks and make –up brushes to beautify yourself. Expert make-up begins with using the best tips and tricks to highlight your features and personality.

Make –up Brushes and their use:

High quality make up brushes are as important as the fine art of prepping up your looks. These brushes are a must as they enable you to apply make up more accurately and give a great finishing touch to your make up. No beauty artist can do without a proper set of make up brushes which is an essential investment for a well bred beauty regime. There is no single all purpose beauty brush available in the market for beatifying your looks. It is also important for you to go in for branded, good quality brushes as poor quality brushes tend to make the make-up clamp, sear and result in an outbreak of rashes on the skin. A good quality brush can make a big difference to the way to look and feel. There are different types of make up brushes that have been designed for different purpose. It is necessary for you to know which brush is most likely to suit your make up needs in order to enhance your features.

Types of make up brushes:

There are various types of make up brushes designed to suit your individual needs and are meant for the application of different products. Lets take a look at some of the brushes that are must have in any make-up kit.

Foundation Brush: Most of us tend to apply foundation by using our fingers. But a foundation brush helps you dab on the right amount of foundation with a perfect finish. It is particularly helpful when you need to apply make up quickly. This brush has a flat shape with long bristles and helps blend and apply the foundation evenly in a flawless manner.

Powder brush: This is perhaps the king of make up brushes. It is required to gently rub loose powder on your face and neck for a great finish. A powder brush also helps blend the powder evenly and keeps all the other make-up in place serving as a great base.

Blusher brush: It is used to apply blusher to your cheeks and help you get a rosy glow instantly. It is a large brush with extremely soft bristles and helps highlight your cheekbones.

Eye brushes: There are a minimum of six brushes for prepping up the eyes.

Eye shadow brush: There are three types of eye shadow brushes:

Blending brush: This is used to blend the shadow for a softer look.

Angled brush: This is used to enhance the shadow towards the creases.

Shadow brush: This is used for applying shadow atop the eyelid.

Liner Brush: This is used for applying eyeliner on the lids. It has a firm handle. It has a firm handle and soft thing bristles.

Mascara brush: This is used for applying mascara and for elongating the eyelashes. It has a firm handle with hard bristles which are used to separate the eye lashes.

Eyebrow Brush: This make up brush is required to give a defined line and finishing touches to your eye brows. It enables you to get a more enhanced and cleaner arc.

Lipstick Brush: This is used to fill the color onto your lips. It is a thin brush with extremely soft bristles and can be easily carried around in your bag, It helps define the lip line and structure.

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