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Modern Glamorous Look for the contemporary woman

Modern glamour make-up is the right look for you if you’re not the girl next door types wanting to go in for the natural look. All of us wish we looked like a cover page model with the perfect features and complexion. The modern glamorous look is the key to attaining a sassy look in a few minutes. It makes one appear chic and sophisticated at the same time looking made-up. The key is to look elegant while wearing the right make-up, accessories and apparel. The focus of this look is not only on the face but it also lays emphasis on wearing the right nail paint and hairstyle.

This type of make-up focuses on a perfect balance between color and technique. It can definitely add to your looks in a more enigmatic way if you learn how to harmonize the different shades and enhance your most attractive features. Contemporary make-up is not about looking like a painted doll but reflects more of an attitude carried by the modern woman who is a home-maker, a businesswoman, a mother and a survivor.

The modern glamorous look— Feel like a model in a short time:

The focus in this type of make up is on highlighting the hyper-feminine features and downplaying those considered to be less attractive. You need to keep your skin in good shape while attempting this make-up as unhealthy skin often results in a messed up effect.

Begin your beauty routine by washing your face with a good face was and then moisturize it with a moisturizer with and SPF count of at least 15. This will protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and keep your skin in good shape.

Foundation: This contains a vitamin or a talc base and helps cover up flaws like blemishes and leaves a smooth base for make-up. The foundation you choose should match your true skin tone as closely as possible. These days, you can also go in for a custom blend at any of the branded stores to get the right shade. Foundations are available n three forms — liquid, cream or solid. Tainted liquid foundation gives a uniform texture to the skin and is ideal for the glamorous look. As per expert advice, for a cover style finish, you must apply foundation and splash your face with lukewarm water and then pat dry with tissues. This gives a flawless base for applying make-up.

Powder: To get the perfect modern glamorous look it is recommended that you go on for loose, translucent powder rather than a pancake for setting in the make-up. Use a large powder brush and apply loose powder all over the face and neck. Block powder is ideal to set liquid foundation and this combination creates a naturally smooth and silky finish.

Eyes: Use shades in hues of pastels, coppers and earthen shades. Keep the lids and brow bone light and use darker shades in the socket. Use a good eye shadow brush to blend the colors using little color at first and then increasing it gradually. It is recommended that you put foundation over the eyelids in order to make your eye shadow last longer. Use a born pencil for extra definition close to the lash lines. You can also use black eyeliner towards the lashes making a thin line and accentuating it towards the outer edges of the eyes. Use black mascara for thickening your lashes.

It is essential for you to groom your eye brows for the ultimate modern glamorous look. A classic curved arch can be achieved by tweezing your brows for added definition. An eyebrow pencil, similar to that of the shade of your brows is helpful in filling any gaps.

Cheeks: For getting a healthy glow and enhancing the shape of your face, you must go in for a rosy blusher. Every individual has a natural flush and it is advisable for you to highlight your cheeks using the right shade. If you are using powder blusher, remember to shake the excess off the brush prior to application. Apply the blusher to the apples of your cheeks and down each side of your nose, under your chin and over your temples. This is great for an added finishing touch.

Lips: You can pick and choose from a plethora of shades available in the market these days. Depending upon the color of your apparel, try wearing a shade that is most likely to blend well. Pinks, reds, browns and peachy shades look good on most women and are likely to help you survive the day.

Nails: Trimmed, well maintained nails always look good. You can also go in for a French manicure or do it yourself with a home kit. If the idea of nail paint fails to appeal you, it is recommended that you paint your nails with clear nail enamel.

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