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beauty makeup tips
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Monsoon Makeup

Monsoon or the rainy season is packed with raised temperatures and humidity. It is essential for you to change your make up according to the season. Whether you are working in a corporate environment or are a home maker, you need to look your best throughout the year. Your monsoon make up kit must be light and water proof. In addition to this, you must carry out a regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine in order to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Heavy make up tends to get smudged during the wet monsoon months. Therefore, it is essential to keep it light and balanced. It is recommended to use waterproof lipsticks, liners, mascara and foundation in order to get the perfect look. These products don’t get easily washed out and the water resistant impact also protects the skin against humidity.If you are looking to get dressed for a party, go in for a natural look rather than a highly done up impact in order to carry your make up gracefully.

Trendy monsoon make up tips:

Cleanse: To begin with, you must wash and cleanse your face thoroughly. Rub an ice cube for 5 to 10 minutes to lower the sweating rate. This also allows the make up to stay on for a longer period of time. If you have oily skin, you can follow up with an astringent or toner to cool and refresh the skin.

Foundation: Using a foundation is not a good idea for the rainy season. However, you can go in for a waterproof make up base or dust a slight powder on the face. Translucent films also work well as a monsoon make up base. It is advisable to go in for sheer colors such as light brown, pastel, pink or beige with a cream eye shadow.

Moisturizers: It is recommended to use water based moisturizers as they protect the skin from water loss, acne, humidity and perspiration. They also help retain the natural oil balance of the skin.

Eye make up: You must avoid wearing heavy eye make up to prevent it from getting soiled. Go in for water proof eyeliner and mascara. It is better to do away with kohl during the monsoon months. Do not wear very heavy eye shadow in dark shades as it s likely to get smudged.

Blusher: The trick is to keep is simple and natural. Go in for a shade that blends well with your skin and use a branded product to highlight your cheeks. Stay away from shimmer and creamy blushers as they tend to form patches. The best way to get a perfect look is to keep the blusher subtle so that it doesn’t stand out. Shades of brown and rose are ideal for the monsoons.

Lipstick: The best way to color you lips during the monsoons is by applying water resistant lipsticks that tend to stay longer and protect the lips from humidity. You can team up you lipstick with a fruity lip gloss to get that added sparkle. Shades in pastels, pinks and nude look great during the rainy season.

Accessories: Keep your accessories simple and trendy. Avoid wearing elaborate neck pieces and earrings.

Apparel: It is a good idea to wear cottons and light clothing during the monsoon months. This allows the skin to breathe and keeps you fresh all day long. Do away with your denims and synthetic fabrics during the monsoons.

Hairstyle: Keep your hair as simple as possible. Complicated hairstyles are difficult to manage and style during the rainy season. Avoid using mousse or gel.

Eyebrows: An absolute no is the use of a kohl pencil to thicken your eyebrows. This tends to easily smudge making you appear like a vampire.

Shoes: Make a vibrant fashion statement by wearing breathable sandals and slip on rather than closed shoes. Team these with bright umbrellas and hand bags for a dynamic effect.

Monsoon Make up trends at a glance:

  • Avoid using foundation and dab face powder instead.
  • Use powder matte cosmetics instead of creamy and glossy ones.
  • Thread your eyebrows regularly to keep them in shape.
  • Use loose powder over pressed powder cakes.
  • Use light shades like pastels, pinks and glossy peaches.
  • Avoid heavy eye make up.
  • Keep the hair well washed and simple.
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