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America Georgina Ferrera Hairstyles: Elegance par excellence

America Georgina Ferrera is an American actress who has been popular for playing unique characters in Hollywood movies. Apart from her awards and recognition, America Georgina Ferrera is also known for her happy go lucky image and attractive hairstyles. Born on April 18, 1984 Ferrera gained instant popularity after her exclusive role in the television series Ugly Betty and movies like Real Women Have Curves and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Ferrera is the youngest among her six siblings. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Her acting career began at the age of 8. She took part in various school plays as a child artiste. This actress who has been recognized for profound acting has excellent hair-dos. America Georgina Ferrera Hairstyles are qite a rage in the United States. They are known for tehir simple, yet chic styles and are a major add-on for the chirpy actress’ personality.

Popular America Georgina Ferrera Hairstyles:

Loose Waves that add sheer style

All eyes were looking at America admiringly when she walked to collect her award for having won the Outstanding Comedy Actress at the 2007 Emmy Awards. It’s not just the award that caught attention, but it was her splendidly styled tresses that stole the limelight. Ferrera’s gorgeous red carpet hairstyle was quite a big hit and was admired by fashion critics and style icons the world over. She styled her hair in loose waves and wisely pinned it up at the back with her bangs left out in the front. In fact, the front portion hanging on her face added a softer, more elegant look. In this hair-do, her top featured plenty of body to create height and shape.


Sassy Look for the ultimate svelte appearance

At the Hot in Hollywood 2007 party, Ferrera got a new sassy and sexy look. She trimmed her hair length to fall just below shoulders and sliced layers were added all through her back tapering over each other. It gave her hair ends a beautifully feathered look. In addition to this, the sides of her hair were sliced and trimmed in an angle to frame her face to enhance her features. Shorter layers finely layered at the top were a great idea that added definition, height and body to this style.

Million Dollar Style

On several occasions, Ferrara was seen sporting this exotic hairstyle that makes her look like a millionaire. For instance, at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala, her hairstyle was elegantly up-styled that made the actress look gorgeous as well as sophisticated. It created the illusion of height throughout the top section. This style is best one of the best options for adding length around Ferrera’s round facial structure. This million dollar hairstyle went well with her dress and pretty facial features.


Casual Mane

America Ferrera looks greatin the popular casual hairstyle she tends to adorn most of the time. At the Independent Film Spirit Awards 2007, she looked simply great in a casual cut that went along brilliantly with her simple outfit and make-up. This hairstyle was characterized by the length being jagged cut to shoulder level and trimming the top portion and angling the side sections in layers to produce a full and textured ‘do’. Besides that, her long sides were also cut to blend with her simple hairdo. This casual style is easy to maintain with regular trims and looks great for all events.

Cosmo Girls

When Cosmo Girl launched a new look for Ferrara, it was a big hit marked by Ferrera’s generous hairstyle. She magnificently trimmed her length which was jagged cut and the angled layers were also cut around her sides and back. This style created a flicked model look. If you have medium or thick hair, just try this Ferrara style and you are likely to turn heads.

Sophisticated Style

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2007, Ferrara sported a great but sophisticated hairstyle. She pinned her hair towards the back in an up-style. It particularly featured large wavy curls which were falling free from the sides. On one side, her wispy locks were tucked behind the ear while on the other side they were left to fall on the cheek. This particular hair-do definitely stopped traffic.  

America Georgina Ferrera Hairstyles are simple, yet elegant. They are particularly, suited for round facial structures and if styled correctly, can go a long way in enhancing your features.

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