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Brad Pitt Hairstyles: Mr Perfect styles and tips

Brad Pitt is known as ‘Mr Perfect’ among his fans all over the world. His perfect features have made him quite a sensation in the fashion industry and have attributed to his blooming career in Hollywood . He’s got the perfect looks, physique and knows how to get the perfect hairstyles. Brad Pitt came into the limelight in the 1900s for his magnificent role in various Hollywood hits. He bagged a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for his fantastic performance in Twelve Monkeys in 1995.

Born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee , Oklahoma , Pitt’s parents were just laymen. His mother Jane Etta was a high school teacher and father, William Alvin Pitt, was a truck company owner. In 1988, Pitt began his acting career in the movie The Dark Side of the Sun. He has been consistently cited by popular media for his marriage to Angelina Jolie. The couple has four children; one biological and rest have been adopted.

Pitt starred as the main character in his super hit film Meet Joe Black in 1998. The movie gave Pitt another chance to work alongside Anthony Hopkins with whom he had previously worked in Legends of the Fall. In 1999, Pitt starred in another successful thriller Fight Club which is an adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel. Another bit hit, Seven was Pitt’s unique movie that portrays him as the complex and colorful character of Tyler Durden. The movie showed Pitt sporting seven different hairstyles according to the situation and script.

Brad Pitt Hairstyles are admired by his fans the world over. This actor is not only known to keep in sync with the latest trends of the fashion industry but also has the capability of transforming his image overnight. Let’s observe some of Pittt’s most popular hairstyles that have made him a style icon.

Popular Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Sexy Shaggy

With trimming the ends all over the sliced or razored cut, his hairstyle looks sexy shaggy. The sliced cut has a soft and wispy effect. This style is easy to manage and can be attained with little effort by using a small quantity of wax or molding gum. At the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards Pitt sported another messy but sexy hairstyle. He slightly molded the roughed up hair with the help of a razor cut.

Chipped Ends

At the Cine Vegas Opening Night Screening of his hit movie Ocean ’s Thirteen , Pitt was just in the shaded corners. He didn’t expose much about his hairstyle. But it looked really great with a simple and basic cut. He simply tapered his sides up to a longer point towards the top and the ends were chipped to enhance a textured finish. If you worry about thin hair, don’t panic! This Pitt style is one of the best options for those with thin hair type.

Long Style

You must have watched many movies wherein Pitt wore wavy long hair. Troy is just an example. Long hairstyles look simply great on Pitt. In long textured styles, his hair is always cut below the shoulder level and a ‘bit to no’ layers are cut to create body and give the illusion of volume. This type of long hair is easy to maintain with regular trims.


Pitt never trims his hair in total punk spikes but his semi-spike hairdo looks great on him. In this hairstyle, the main focus is on texture and definition of the hair. His marvelous use of blonde highlights adds fantastic depth to the style. This type of style is one of the quickest and easiest to maintain. It goes well with all hair types. Brad Pitt Hairstyles are not only a treat to the eyes but also go well with the actor’s personality. His hairdos are often blended with his features to enhance his overall personality and make him look mysterious and undoubtedly handsome.

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