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celebrity hairstyles
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Elisabeth Harnois Hairstyles: Charming Hairstyles

Elisabeth Harnois was born on May 26, 1979 in Detroit, Michigan. She is a television and film actress. Though she was born in Detroit and most of her childhood days were spent in Los Angeles. Harnois was graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in film studies. At the tender age of five, she appeared in two movies, namely, Where are the Children? and One Magic Christmas. Elisabeth Harnois Hairstyles are considered to be one of her biggest assets. This trendy babe surely knows hoe to enhance her features and personality by donning up her tresses.

Until she landed on the role of Alice in the 1991 Disney Channel series Adventures in Wonderland, Harnois did appear on many TV commercials. She acted in Point Pleasant a short-lived 2005 series on Fox and also portrayed a character named Evan Rachel Wood’s best friend in Pretty Persuasion.

Harnois attended St. Mel’s School in Woodland Hills, California. She started acting when she was three and got her first two film roles at five. She was quite popular for her supporting roles in several shows such as Charmed, Boy Meets World, and Criminal Minds. Harnois co-starred in two television movies before she delivered her critically acclaimed portrayal of mentally retarded Kate in Facade. Despite her fame and fortunes in the television world, movies brought her into the spotlight of fame. And she got household name in movie world. With her role as Christina in Point Pleasant she moved towards reaching this goal.

In 2001, Harnois graduated from Wesleyan University. The list of her all-time remarkable movies include My Date with the President's Daughter, One Magic Christmas, The Ugly Duckling, The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy, Facade, Swimming Upstream, Strangers with Candy, and Pretty Persuasion.

During the shooting time of ‘Charmed’ episode Magic Hour in 2000, Harnois got involved in the rift between Alyssa Milano and co-star Shannen Doherty. After that she became a good friend of Alyssa. Her charming looks and elegant fashion sense always make her the center of attraction. Her hairstyles have always been hot topics of discussion by every onlooker at red carpet events. Let’s observe some of Elisabeth Harnois Hairstyles.  

Popular Elisabeth Harnois Hairstyles:

Long Layered Style

She’s always looks great in her long hair with fine layering texture added to give volume to her tresses. When her hair grows longer it is trimmed to a static length which makes it appear bulky. For this hairstyle fine layers are added to enhance its volume. To maintain this type of hairstyle, your solution will be the addition of layers. The hair must be trimmed in such a way that it is shorter in certain areas while longer in other regions.



Soft Waves

Let’s take a look at Harnois’ wavy hairstyle. For creating this style she trims the layers that start about chin level. Further, these are made to taper down all the way to the ends of her hair. Soft waves are then added throughout the layered hair. One of the best features in this hairstyle is to add highlights as well as lowlights to accentuate the hair and make it glisten. This style is a great option for people having medium to thick hair types.   



Sophisticated Cut

Harnois looks smart and sophisticated in her chin-length hair cut. For this style, she trims her hair with very slight graduation to make her hair sit under in a beautiful shapely effect. In fact, this style is quite easy and comfortable to maintain. Nowadays, this cut has become a great option for professionals.This type of hairstyle looks great for corporate events and office.


Additional Personality

Some of Harnois’ hairstyles enhance her overall look and personality. To create this style, her long tresses are trimmed to her shoulders into a one length bob cut. In addition to this, the ends are sliced to achieve a wispy, tapered and textured look around the perimeter of the crown. This hairstyle looks great on those with angular faces and is great for all weather conditions.  

Elisabeth Harnois Hairstyles are trendy, sexy and chic. They can be experimented with in a number of ways by adding color, gloss, curls or fancy cuts.

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