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Jennifer Connelly Hair Styles: Beautiful Subtle Layers

Born on December 12, 1970 in New York, Jennifer Connelly is an American film actress and former child model. Since her tender age Connelly catapulted to fame on the basis of her appearances in the movies like Labyrinth and Career Opportunities. Until 2000 drama Requiem for a Dream and biopic A Beautiful Mind her popularity didn’t attain a stage. In A Beautiful Mind she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Jennifer is admired for her stunning looks and dynamic personality. Jennifer Connelly Hair Styles are some of the most sought after in the world of fashion.

Connelly is the daughter of Eileen, an antiques dealer, and Gerard Connelly, a clothing manufacturer who worked in the garment industry. Connelly’s paternal grandparents were of Irish and Norwegian descent. At 10, her career started in newspaper and magazine ads. These led to movie auditions and her first film role was as young Deborah Gelly, a supporting role in Sergio Leone’s 1984 gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America. She next starred in Dario Argento’s Phenomena in 1985.

After an array of unsuccessful box offices, the big-budget Disney film The Rocketeer in 1991 similarly failed to ignite Connelly’s career. The 1996 film FarHarbor hinted at a much broader range than she had previously shown. Connelly began to appear in smaller but well-regarded films like 1997’s Inventing the Abbotts and 2000’s Waking the Dead.

The critically favored 1998 science fiction film DarkCity afforded Connelly the chance to work with Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Ian Richardson and Kiefer Sutherland. Connelly starred in two films in 2003 – Hulk and House of Sand and Fog. Hulk was something of a box office disappointment, but afforded Connelly the chance to work with noted director Ang Lee. Then, House of Sand and Fog, based on the novel by Andre Dubus III, was reminiscent of much of her independent film work of the late 1990s.

Connelly was appreciated widely for her roles in the 2005 horror flick Dark Water and the role of a journalist in Blood Diamond opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She next appeared in Reservation Road with Joaquin Phoenix, which was given a limited release in the fall of 2007. She was once in a relationship with photographer David Dougan. Connelly is the face of Balenciaga and is noted for her fashion and wardrobes throughout the world. Jennifer Connelly Hair Styles are stylish, sophisticated and in vogue.  

Popular Jennifer Connelly Hair Styles:

Subtle Layers

At the Hollywood Film Festival’s Hollywood Awards night Connelly stunned every onlooker with her short and sassy hairstyle. For the style, the Blood Diamond actress trimmed her tresses up to her chin length leaving it nicely compliment her jaw line. In addition, subtle layers were added throughout the edges to add shape to her beautiful classic style. This hairdo is great for all occasions and is easy to maintain with regular trims.


Long and Simple

You must have noticed in Hulk and A Beautiful Mind that how attractive Connelly’s long tresses are. For the style, the Blood Diamond actress trimmed her soft angled layers cutting her sides to create body and shape. This style is perfect for those having medium to fine hair types.


Funky Look

For those who have observed Connelly’s hairdo in Blood Diamond might see this funky style. The actress Jagged-cut layers are trimmed to add shape around her cute face and body to the waves. This style is easy to maintain with regular trims and looks good on all occasions.


Body and Shape

Many of Connelly’s fans associate the actress with her shoulder length hairstyle. For the style she creates lots of body and shape by bringing the length up to shoulder level and adding layers right into the thickness of the hair. This style is an ideal option for those with medium to thick hair types.  


Fabulous Style

Everybody loves this particular Connelly’s style. For the style, the Blood Diamond actress trims her very soft layers allowing them to fall on the face. The style features a beautiful bun that has been styled neatly to the side. This hairstyle suits all types of facial structures.

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