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celebrity hairstyles
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Kerry Washington Hairstyles: Long and Curly

Kerry Washington was born on January 31, 1977 in New York City, NY. She is an American actress who became popular after her superb role as Ray Charles’ wife Della Bea Robinson the Oscar-winning movie Ray in 2004. That’s not the end of her involvement in the Oscar circus. Washington acted as a supporting as a supporting actress in a short but significant role in the Oscar-winning movie The Last King of Scotland. Washington ’s portrayal of Alicia Masters in live-action movie Fantastic Four (2005) was a critically acclaimed role. She did a superb job in the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). Her film Our Song and The Dead Girl was also one of those included in her mega hit list.

Washington attended the Spence School , Manhattan . After having graduated from the school, she was inspired to choose acting as a career after meeting her fellow alumnis like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emmy Rossum. In 1998, she went on to pursue theater at George Washington University .

In 1994, with her screen debut in ABC tele-film Magical Make-Over, she got several assignments in the following years. She was starred in the cast of the 1996 educational series Standard Deviants. After her widely noticed appearance in the short 3D and feature film Our Song in 2000, she began to embark on other super hit movies.

Her roles in various movies include, most specifically, Save the Last Dance (2001), The Human Stain (2003), She Hate Me (2004), Ray (2004), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Little Man and I Think I Love My Wife (2007).

Washington has been known for her active role in the African-American group ‘Negro Hunters’. This misanthropic organization helps troubled black students in schools across the west coast. Apart from being an actress, her activities include co-directing hip-hop music videos. In addition, Washington is a narrator of the critically acclaimed 2008 documentary about the New Orleans-based teenage TBC Brass Band titled From the Mouthpiece on Back. Washington is also known as a fashion icon among her enthusiastic fans. With her fantastic features complemented by her sexy hair styles, Washington is the new spokesperson for L’Oreal starring in commercials and ads alongside the sexy Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria. Kerry Washington Hairstyles are appealing as well as savvy. Look at some select hairstyle of Washington.

PopularKerry Washington Hairstyles:

Curly Locks

Usually her curly bobs are unique assets that make Washington simple and sexy in most of her movies. For this curly trim, the actress cut her top portion and side in medium volume. If you happen to have caught a glimpase of this sexy actress of The Last King of Scotland at the 17th Annual Gotham Awards, her curly locks must have stunned you. In the style Washington left the locks free to show off her sexy facial cut. This style is especially great for oval and heart-shaped facial structures.

Sleek and Sexy Design

Washington’s hairstyle with her straight and long hair is always a subject of attraction. This fantastic style was worn by this Fantastic Four actress at the New York premier of her popular movie Perfect Stranger. For the style, Washington trimmed her layers into an overall dense and voluminous structure. Wearing this sleek and sexy style, the actress enthralled the crowd at various red carpet events. To create this gorgeous style the actress spared more than 30 minutes using various styling products including wax, sculpture lotion, smoothing shine, and hair spray. This cut will be a great option for those having an oval facial structure. If you have medium to thick hair types, you can create this style in a perfect way.

Long and Curly

In her long and curly hairdo, Washington always makes an impact on the audience. She went in for a sexy do at The Woman’s Project 22nd Annual Women of Achievement Gala which was complemented by her long and curly bobs. The style indeed boasted lots of thick texture on the top and sides. For this style you need a little effort of around 30 minutes using blow dry method. Curling iron is necessary with some mousse and gel wax. And if you have a triangular or oval facial structure, this style will be the perfect choice.

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