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celebrity hairstyles
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Mena Suvari Hairstyles: Soft, Sexy Tresses

Mena Suvari was on born on February 13, 1979. She is an American actress, model, fashion designer and spokeswoman. Suvari is best known for her supporting role in the Academy Award-winning film American Beauty in 1999. She was also widely appreciated for her role in American Pie 2 in 2001. This beauty is admired for her chiseled features and subtle personality. Mena Suvari Hairstyles are loved by fashion Gurus all across the globe and are often termed as gloriously subtle and amazingly sexy.

By the age of 12, Suvari began modeling. The very next year, she starred in a Rice-A-Roni commercial. She attended Providence High School, Burbank, California, in the class of 1997. Her family later relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where her three older brothers lined up to attend The Citadel. In the meantime Suvari was entertaining dreams of becoming an archaeologist, astronaut or doctor. When a modeling agency stopped by her all-girls school, Ashley Hall, to offer classes, it was the beginning of her modeling career. Following her first modeling assignment, Suvari began to think about acting.

As a beginner, Suvari appeared in television shows such as Boy Meets World and ER at the age of 15 and 16 respectively. In 1999, she acted in the Oscar-winning American Beauty and the popular American Pie. She was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, for her role in American Beauty.

Her notable movies apart from American Pie 2 include Loser (2000), The Musketeer (2001), and Spun (2002). In 2004, she became a recurring character in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed HBO serial Six Feet Under. Her portrayal of a lesbian performance poet and artist, Edie was critically acclaimed across the globe. She then was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for ‘Favorite Actress - Newcomer (Internet Only)’ in 2000 for American Pie.

Suvari performed the backstage voice of Aerith Gainsborough in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts II and the English-language version of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. In the fashion circus, Suvari is a model for Lancôme cosmetics and print ads for Lancôme Paris Adaptîve. She has been quite popularly featured in Vogue magazine. Her hairstyles are major her assets that boost her attractiveness. Mena Suvari Hairstyles are a rage among teenagers. They are considered to be stylish, sexy and sophisticated. This actress surely knows how to wear the perfect make-up and hairdos to attract attention.

Popular Mena Suvari Hairstyles:


Sexy Short-do

This is one of Suvari’s mot popular hairstyles. She wore this style at an event in Bloomingdales. Her sexy short jagged layers flirted with her features to create the desired impact. For creating this style, the American Beauty actress trimmed her back and sides into short, jagged layers to enhance her features. To create this sexy cut the actress uses only hair spray and molding cream. This style is suitable for those having oval, oblong, square, and diamond shape facial structures.



Blonde Tresses

Suvari showed off her beautiful blonde tresses perfectly at the Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Collection Post Show. The actress pinned up the sides at the back and the top section was cut into medium volume with the length resting on the shoulders. This style is suitable for oval and oblong face shapes and was created by using blow dry techniques. The recommended products for the style include mousse, wax, smoothing shine, and hair spray. This style can be carried off at most formal occasions.



Dark Sexy

Suvari tried out her sexy dark look at the In Style Magazine/DIC Luncheon. This is considered to be one of the most fashionable of all Mena Suvari Hairstyles. For creating the style, the American Beauty actress pulled her hair backwards allowing her tresses to frame her cute face. This style is especially suitable for those having oval, oblong, or triangular facial cuts. To create this style, use blow dry process with a bit of mousse and smoothing shine. 


Blonde Attraction

At the world premier of Rumor Has It, Suvari sported her attractive blonde look. The actress looked gorgeous in the style where her bangs gave a complementary attraction to her face. This style is a great option for those having oval or oblong facial cuts. It is recommended that you use the blow dry process for over 30 minutes to create this simple but attractive style.

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