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celebrity hairstyles
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Natasha Henstridge Hairstyles: Sexy and Sophisticated

Natasha Henstridge was born on August 15, 1974 . She is a Canadian fashion model-turned actress. She has been widely recognized in filmdom for her remarkable role in Species and Species II. At 13, Henstridge entered the Casablanca Modeling Agency’s ‘Look of the Year’ contest. At the contest, she won first runner-up title. The very next year, Henstridge went to Paris to pursue her modeling ambitions. Natasha Henstridge Hairstyles are very chic and creative. She knows how to wear the right make-up, accessories and hairstyle in order to make the right impact.

At fifteen years of age, she was featured on the cover of the French edition of Cosmopolitan. After that, several magazine covers followed and she went on to do television commercials for products such as Olay, Old Spice, and Lady Stetson. In fact, her modeling career gave Henstridge a fillip to her career in movies.

When she made her movie debut in Species, she was very excited to play the role of the extraordinary character ‘Sil’ a genetically engineered alien/human hybrid. With a strong cast, an interesting story angle and polished sensuality Species was an instant hit. The movie bagged US$113 million in the first release. Remarkable for its sexual content, the film won Henstridge the MTV Movie award for ‘Best Kiss’ for a scene in which her character, while kissing an aggressive would-be suitor, impales his head with her tongue.

Species indeed was a movie that created a launch pad for Henstridge’s acting career. But most of the movies she appeared in later years were not as successful as Species. The movie spawned a sequel Species II, in which a male alien was attempting to mate with Eve, a genetic duplicate of Sil.

Henstridge has played a number of roles on television, such as Caracara and The Outer Limits. Between 2005 and 2006, she had a recurring role in the cancelled ABC drama Commander in Chief which starred Geena Davis as a fictional female US President. Henstridge guest starred in South Park episode 111 Tom's Rhinoplasty as a substitute teacher. Henstridge was married to actor Damian Chapa twice. However, the second marriage lasted only a few months and the couple divorced in 1996. Though she is not starring in regular movies off late, Henstridge is still popular in the fashion circuit for her unique sense of style. Natasha Henstridge Hairstyles are a rage among style gurus. Her slant figures and straight haircuts are major attractions. Let’s observe some of the actress’ beauty haircuts.

Popular Natasha Henstridge Hairstyles:

Flawless Design

Henstridge looked flawless at the Los Angeles Premiere of Cloverfield. In the style, the actress trimmed her ends texturing below the shoulder. The sides and top section was nicely formed with gradual layers. This cut is suitable for those having oval, oblong, square, and diamond shape facial structures. To create this style you can use blow dry process with little wax, smoothing shine, and hair spray.  




Wavy Attraction

At the premiere of The Love Letters to the South, Henstridge looked amazingly dazzling with this curly style. To create this style, the Species actress trimmed her top and sides in powerful bangs. In the design, the soft layers enhanced her cute face and the length was perfectly cut below the shoulder level. This style is suitable for those with square and diamond face cuts. Use blow dry technique with curling iron to nourish your hair for the style. The recommended products for the style include mousse, wax, smoothing shine, hair spray, and moisture.  

Flipped Back Style

Henstridge looked great at the 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards with her flipped back hairstyle. For the style the Species actress cut the sides with medium layers and the top section was trimmed slightly reducing the volume. This style is one of the best options for those with oval and oblong face cut. To create this style, nourish 30 minutes with blow dry process using mousse, wax, hair spray, and moulding cream.


Soft and Sexy

This is a soft and sexy look for Henstridge where she trimmed the top and sides into jagged layered. This design gives body and flick to her hair. Those having oval, oblong, square, or heart shaped facial cut will find this style a great option. The products you can use to create this hairstyle include wax, sculpture lotion, smoothing shine, and hair spray.

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