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celebrity hairstyles
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Pamela Anderson Hairstyles: Vivaciously Sexy

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967. She is a Canadian-born actress, sex symbol, glamour model, producer, TV personality, and author. She holds both American and Canadian citizenship. After her marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, she was widely known as Pamela Anderson Lee. This sexy siren is admired for her hot looks and curvaceous figure. Pamela Anderson Hairstyles are considered to be sexy, flirty and very slick.  

After her graduation from Highland Secondary School in 1985, Anderson moved to Vancouver and worked as a fitness instructor. In the summer of 1989, Pamela went with her friends to a BC Lions game at BC Place. At some point during the game she was shown on the stadium screen wearing a Labatt's t-shirt, causing the crowd to cheer for the 21-year-old Anderson. It was a turning point in her modeling career.

Labatt's immediately offered Anderson a modeling contract. In 1989, Pamela decided to model for Playboy magazine. In the October of 1989 issue, she appeared as cover girl and decided to move to Los Angeles to continue her modeling career. She was famous by February 1990 as a top notch playmate and moved on to become a favorite babe for Playboy magazine.

In the early stage of her acting career, Pamela landed a minor role on the hit television sitcom Home Improvement (1991-1999). After gaining large viewer attention, she landed the role of C J Parker (1992-1997) in Baywatch. She left Home Improvement after its second season as she became a widely demanded Baywatch babe.

In 1996, she acted in the popular movie Barb Wire as a hot character called Barbara Rose Kopetski. During the filming of the movie Pamela suffered a miscarriage. In April 1997, Pamela guest-hosted Saturday Night Live where in the beginning of the show, she famously said, “You know, if you're nervous on stage, you actually should be naked!” Then she began a striptease as her famous XL breasts were used as major assets to draw the crowd.

Anderson starred in her self produced series V.I.P. in 1998. Though it was very poorly received, many people tuned in just to see her. The show lasted four seasons before being canceled in 2002. There are some magical attractions in Anderson, apart from her sexy figure. The model-turned actress is admired for her carefree ways and hot personality. Pamela Anderson Hairstyles add to her vibrant image, making her forever sexy. Find out how this gorgeous blonde carries her hair in sheer style.

Popular Pamela Anderson Hairstyles:


Gorgeous Cut

At the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, Pamela looked gorgeous in her full volume hairstyle. In the style she textured the top section with volume and body. The sides were layered with beautiful layering that enhanced the look. This style is one of best options for those having oval, round, heart, and triangular facial features. Use blow dry process with Velcro rollers to create this magnificent Pamela cut.   


Golden Locks

Pamela was a brunette by birth but she turned her hair color blonde that complemented her personality making her look sexy and seductive. This gave her a powerful attractiveness along with her length cut at medium height just below the shoulder level. In the style, the sex bomb created a sexy’ do with the side bangs adding texture to the whole hair. This style is suitable for those having diamond shaped facial cut. She wore this attractive haircut at the Inaugural Army's Action Sports Awards.




Flat Straight Locks

Pamela’s red locks have been molded into new styles. She has gone from flat straight locks to bouncy curls. In the style, the Baywatch babe trimmed her short jagged layers to enhance her features. Products recommended for this style include wax, sculpture lotion, hair spray, and moisturizer.



Luscious Blonde Locks

With her golden locks, Pamela simply looks stunning. In the style, the actress trimmed her sexy full wave. This style is perfect for people having oval, oblong, square, heart, diamond, and triangular face shapes. Use blow dry process to create this style perfectly. You require some products including gel spray, wax, and hair spray to set your tresses.

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