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celebrity hairstyles
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Virginia Madsen Hairstyles: Sweet Sensation Crops

Virginia Madsen was born on September 11, 1961. She is an American actress who became popular in Hollywood during the 1980s with her notable films. Then in the 2000s, the actress became known after nominated for the Academy and Golden Globe Awards for her role in Sideways. Virginia Madsen Hairstyles are versatile, trendy and splendidly creative.

Madsen first became popular in 1986 with her portrayal of a Catholic schoolgirl who fell in love with a boy from a prison camp in Duncan Gibbons's Fire with Fire. She also appeared as Maddie Parker's sister in the final season of Moonlighting. A couple of provocative film appearances followed 1990's The Hot Spot with Don Johnson and the equally steamy Third Degree Burn. She has also co-hosted TV series Unsolved Mysteries in 1999.

All of a sudden, Madsen turned in a solid performance in a small but key role in the Francis Ford Coppola drama The Rainmaker in 1997 opposite Matt Damon. Critics all over the world appreciated the actress fro her solid roles in most of her movies. After spending more than 20 years in small movies, Madsen catapulted her onto the fabled Hollywood A-list. Her first major role after Sideways was opposite Harrison Ford in Firewall. She is popular for her roles in Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion. Her co-starring role with Jim Carrey in The Number 23 and Billy Bob Thornton in The Astronaut Farmer opened great popularity for the actress.

Madsen has made numerous television appearances including Star Trek: Voyager, CSI: Miami,Dawson's Creek, and The Practice, Frasier. In the CBS’s short-lived crime drama Smith, she starred opposite Ray Liotta.

When Madsen landed in Hollywood, she was engaged to actor Billy Campbell. But the actress married actor Danny Huston in 1989. The couple divorced in 1992 and Madsen built up a relationship with actor Antonio Sabato Jr., with whom she had a son, Jack, in 1994.

Madsen is popular for her beautiful features and personality. Virginia Madsen Hairstyles are one of her all time attractive assets that are much talked about in the fashion circuits. Look at some select styles listed below.

Popular Virginia Madsen Hairstyles:


Long Length

Madsen looks exquisite and fresh in her long length hairstyle. In the style the actress trimms the entire texture into a manner that enhances her facial structure. This long design is one of the best haircuts the actress wears on most occasions. This style is most suitable for those having oblong, square, or heart shaped faces. To create this medium density hair design the actress uses blow dry technique where the recommended products for the style include wax, lacquer, and moisturizer.   



Sexy Waves

Curly waves add a great texture to Madsen’s tresses. To create the long locks in the style, Madsen layers the sides slightly all over and the top section in the design is trimmed slightly to add body in the area. She uses curling iron to create the amazing locks. This style is suitable for those having heart and diamond shape facial structures. With proper application of wax and moisturizer, this style can cast a magic spell oon the onlookers.


Natural Style

In her natural style, Madsen looks great with textured layers. In the style, she cuts her length to the shoulder level with the top section creating an attractive volume and body. This style is suitable for those having round and diamond shape facial cuts. For this style the recommended products to nourish the strands include smoothing shine. You can maintain this style with regular trimming.


Solid Volume

Madsen proves that she can create a great voluminous design with some perfect side bangs. In this style the actress added her sexy waves all over the hair. The back and sides are slightly pinned up and added a good volume to the whole texture. This style is best suitable for oblong facial shapes. To create this particular design the actress uses curling iron after 10-20 min blow dry process.

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