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Color Highlights and Lowlights

Hair coloring seems to have taken the world by storm. Women all across the globe are looking for different hues to color their tresses and go in for an instant make over. Hair color can work wonders for you. It looks trendy, chic and extremely sassy. If you are planning to get color highlights or lowlights it is important for you have adequate information in order to get the right look.

If you want to spice up your tresses by adding brighter hues but are hesitant on making an extremely bold impact, then you can get your hair highlighted. Some individuals select bright highlights that comprise of dramatic, colorful stripes, whereas others go in for a subtle, more elegant look with light colors. Different individuals have different preferences and complexion. It is essential for you to take your skin tone, color of eyes and original hair color into account before going in for highlights.

Prior to getting your hair highlighted, you must consult a professional hair expert capable of offering you suggestions on what color highlights would look best on you. If you have even the slightest of doubts, you must ask as many questions on color highlights and lowlights along with how the entire process works. This will give you affair idea on some of the most popular highlighting and low lighting trends, methods and features.

Go wild with your locks:

You can opt for various techniques of highlighting your hair.

Color Chunking: This technique has been around for over 15 years and comprises of contrasting blocks of color that are added to the hair shaft instead of thin streaks. The outcome of this technique is subtle and natural looking.

Lowlights: Natural, dark color tones can be enriched with this process. To carry out this process, both highlights and lowlights are created at the same time. The outcome consists of a combination of the light reflection of the highlights and the darker reflection of lowlights.

Coloring the hair is the science and art of altering the natural color of your hair to enhance your look. Creating perfect highlights can actually take years of experience and expertise. However, with a plethora of advanced hair colors ion the market and do-it-yourself kits, anyone can highlight their hair to create a magical effect. It is essential for you to select shades of highlights that complement your hair rather than create distraction in order to get the perfect look.

For getting wonderful color highlights and lowlights, you must remember to never go beyond three shades lighter than your natural hair color. With a little bit of practice and proper knowledge, you can get the professional look at home. Prior to highlighting or low lighting your hair, you must go through the instruction manual enclosed in the color kit thoroughly. This will enable you to work on your tresses with ease.

Tips for coloring your tresses:

Wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo, at least two days prior to highlighting it. Avoid washing it on the same day you plan on adding the highlights.

The color must be used immediately once opened and mixed.

Buy separate one-half and one-quarter acrylic brushes to add color to your hair. These types of brushes are used by artists and are easily available in the market. They enable you to get a neat look.

Wear latex gloves for protection while highlighting your hair.

Wear a buttoned up old shirt which can be easily removed before applying color.

Keep a few cotton swipes and a wet cloth handy.

Position a large mirror at a comfortable angle in front of yourself.

When applying the color for highlights, start at the back of your head and work your way towards the front. This will prevent the chemicals from smudging and give you a great finish.

For getting highlights, you only need to apply color to the top layers of your hair on the crown area of your head.

Always work your way through small sections or strands of hair to get the desired look.

Highlights and lowlights look great once they set in. It is better to start with a subtle shade and once you have mastered the art of highlighting your hair, you can go in for experimenting with bolder colors. Leave the color on for 45 minutes to one hour and then rise it thoroughly. Shampoo your hair 24 to 48 hours after the highlights have set. This enables the color to last longer. Color highlights and lowlights may fade with overuse of hair styling products and shampooing your hair on a daily basis; therefore, you must use gentle hair products and restrict their use to a bare minimum.

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