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How to apply Hair Color to get great results?
Hair coloring is the art of changing the natural color of your tresses to get a new look. Coloring your hair is no rocket science and the desired look can be conveniently achieved at home. Thanks to the variety of products available in the market ranging from permanent and semi-permanent colors to vibrant and subtle shades that enable you to design your hair in gorgeous hues! However, it is essential for you to know how to apply hair color to your tresses depending upon your hair texture, length and skin tone in order to get the desired look. Whether you want to go in for highlights, low lights, coverage of gray hair or want a vivacious punk look, you can tame your tresses in just about any fashion at home.

How to apply hair color guidelines for beginners:

If you are coloring your mane for the first time, it is better to start with a subtle shade. You can go in for adding a few highlights, deepen the color of your hair or get a new tone. Once you master the art of coloring your hair, you can experiment with several designs and hair color art.

Select the color after mush thought:

It is very important for you to choose the right hair color that will complement your skin tine and is likely to enhance your features. Never choose a color simply because it looked good on someone else as it might look just the opposite on you. If you have a sun kissed skin and dark hair color than darker hues will look great on you. Lighter shades look good on people with very light skin tones as darker shades tend to bring out too much of contrast.

If you have a hair tone in shades or rust, red, brown etc. golden blonde, copper, and auburn would look great on you. If you look good in red, fuchsia and moss green, shades in platinum and ash blonde can work wonders for you.

Types of hair color:

There are three types of hair color you can choose from depending upon the time frame for which it lasts.

Temporary colors: These colors are used to create vibrant streaks and highlights for special occasions. They tend to wear out after a single wash.

Semi-permanent color: These colors are use to darken the hair shade or cover any gays. They generally last from 6 to 8 weeks and are great for nourishing your mane. These colors do not contain any ammonia or hydrogen peroxide and work by depositing the color on to the hair shaft.

Permanent color: These types of colors tend to last until the hair grows out and tend to lighten the hair. The color is deposited into the inner layer of the hair shaft by lifting the cuticle. These hair colors contain ammonia as well as hydrogen peroxide.

How to apply color for dressing up the tresses?

Special effect hair color kits are available in the markets that enable you to add highlights and dramatic streaks to your hair. They contain a bleaching ingredient that is safe for hair.

Tips for on how to apply hair color:

Prior to applying color to your tresses, it is essential for you to go through the instructions manual enclosed within the color box thoroughly. It is best to stick within three shades of your natural hair color. Trying to color any medium or dark brown hair in blonde shades can result in an orange tinge. Never assume that the color on the box will be the outcome. You need to consider the natural color of your hair and then tone it accordingly.

Get organized: It is best to get everything organized prior to coloring your hair. You will need a comb, a hair clip, an old buttoned up shirt and an old towel for wiping any blotches. Keep a mirror and cotton swipes handy.

Conduct a patch test: This will check for any allergic reactions as well as determine what color shade your hair can actually transform into.

Comb your hair: To get rid of any tangles comb your hair thoroughly. Set it in a middle or side parting.

Mix the color: Wear plastic gloves and mix the color measuring the appropriate quantity or the products.

Apply the color: With the help of an applicator brush, apply the color to sections of your hair starting at mid-length and working your way throughout the entire length.

Leave the color on for 45 minutes to one hour. Then rinse it with a good shampoo.

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