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Herbal Hair Color

Hair coloring is the art and science of changing the natural color of your hair. There are thousands of cosmetic brands that have launched an array of colorants that enable you to change the color of your tresses and enhance your look. But most of these artificial colorants comprise of harmful chemicals that can damage your hair causing it to become dull, dry and brittle. Herbal hair color is the safest way by means of which you can alter the color of your locks and keep them in good health. They are also more inexpensive and gentle as compared to artificial dyes and colorants. For thousands of years, men and women have used these products to change the color of their tresses naturally.

Herbal hair color can be used to add highlights, cover any grays or simply to accentuate your look. Most herbal hair dyes work well when they are used over a period of time until the desired shade is achieved. Henna and walnut raisins change the color instantly and have no side effects. There are various plant based colors that can highlight, darken as well as lighten the original color of your tresses. The only drawback with herbal colorants is that they are unable to match the color strength of artificial colorants that work on the basis of the strong action of harmful chemicals.

If you have been using artificial colorants and chemical dyes for a long period of time, it is essential for you to conduct a strand test prior to using herbal colorants in order to avoid the risk of allergies. Also, the product build-up of commercial colorants can alter the action of herbal dyes.

Prior to coloring your hair with any herbal product, you must read the instruction manual carefully and then proceed with the process of applying the color. Always wear gloves before applying the color and rinse it out thoroughly while washing.

Types of Herbal Hair Color:

Chamomile: This is probably the most popular herbal hair color among blondes. A weekly rinse with chamomile helps in accentuating blonde highlights. To prepare a chamomile rinse, brew half a cup of chamomile flowers in a quart of boiling water for about half an hour. Strain the mixture and let it cool. Use it as an after shampoo rinse to wash your hair. Rinsing with chamomile tea also helps get brown streaks.

Calendula: This herb is used to brighten blonde hair and works well when you want to have blonde highlights.

Lemon: This is a widely appreciated hair lightener and works well in all climes. Take the juice of two lemons and mix it in a quart of water. This can be used to lighten the color of dark hair when used as an after shampoo rinse on a weekly basis. Remember to dry your hair in the sun in order to get maximum effect.

Rhubarb Root: This herbal dye has been used by blondes to add golden tones to light brown hair. It puts shimmering glints to highlight the tresses. Pour three cups of hot water over four tablespoons of chopped rhubarbs and simmer for 20 minutes. Use it as an after shampoo rinse 15 to 20 times and rinse with normal water for the final time. For best effect, dry your hair in the sun.

Henna: If you want to give an auburn hint to your tresses, you can use henna powder, mixed in water. Henna is applied to the hair in the form of a paste and is then left on to dry. Was your hair with a mild shampoo and the effect that you get is awesome. If you are looking to get a darker tone, you can mix coffee powder in the paste.

Sage: If you want to darken your tresses, take a handful of dried sage and boil it in a quart of water for about half an hour. Cool the potion and use as an after shampoo rinse. Use this rinse on a weekly basis to get the desired effect.

Tag alder bark: This is used for darkening the hair and generally produces a lighter tone than sage. It works best when used to darken blonde hair or to cover grey locks. Simmer an ounce of bark chips in a quart of boiling water for about half an hour. Then cool the infusion and use as an after shampoo rinse.

With these herbal hair colors, you can get the desired effect over a period of time, but they are worth the effort.

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