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Types of Hair Color

The easiest way to change your look is by doing something new to your tresses. Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory possessed by every individual. It can be curled, crimped, cut, styled and colored in a number of ways. If you are planning to color your hair for the first time, it may seem like a tedious task to select the appropriate product as you scan hundreds of hair coloring products lined on shelves in salons and drug stores. The best way to make the right selection is by taking guidance from a hair care professional. You need to know all about the different types of hair color and the way they work in order to get the desired look.

If you are planning to color your hair at home, it is all the more significant for you to have adequate knowledge about how hair color can be used to enhance your looks. The wrong use of hair color can ruin your look instead of accentuating it. It is also essential for you to read to instruction son the color kit prior to using it.

How it works?

The natural color of your tresses is directly affected by genetic factors. The hair cortex contains the basic coloring matter in the form of microscopic granules called melanin or hair pigment. This is of two types— Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin. The former is founding black and brunette hair and is a dark pigment. The latter is found in blonde and red hair and is a light pigment. The color of hair directly depends upon the color and amount of pigment grains it contains. It is important for you to understand that hair color is different from paint. Color, as we perceive it, is the reflection of light from the colored pigments in the hair shaft. The shade of hair comprises of several combinations of light reflecting off the hair shaft. This is the reason why the color of hair seems to change under the effect of lighting.

Types of Hair color:

Hair color is broadly classified into three categories depending upon the time period for which it lasts.

Permanent Hair color: This type of hair color has an alkalizing agent and a developer comprising of hydrogen peroxide and is used to lift the color of hair. The action of peroxide opens the hair cuticles enabling the color to reach the cortex. The more the concentration of peroxide, the quicker and lighter is the result.

Semi-permanent hair colors: They are used to darken the color of hair and have little peroxide in them. These types of colors last for up to 8 to 14 shampooing sessions.

Temporary colors: These are ideal for starters wanting to experiment with their looks. These colors do not contain peroxide and get washed on shampooing the hair. They are great for parties and special occasions.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients present in most hair colors. It helps develop the color and makes it last longer. Prior to the availability of hair color, women widely used peroxide to lighten their hair. This often caused the hair to become brittle and break easily. Thanks to today’s safe hair colors that enable you to experiment with your looks and accentuate your features as well as your overall personality. The action of peroxide in modern formulas is limited and specially engineered after color shampoos and conditioners help restore the softness and moisture of hair.

Other than peroxide, hair colors also contain ammonia. This opens the outer layer of the hair shaft enabling the color to be deposited in the cortex. Ammonia is known for leaving behind a peculiar odor but contemporary hair color come in various fragrances embedded with fragranced oils and conditioners that not only color your hair but also make it glossy and good to smell.

Tips for applying hair color:

Prior to coloring your tresses, you must read the instructions on the coloring kit very carefully, wear the right gloves and organize your self. It is important for you to wear an old shirt and keep a damp cloth handy for wiping out any color that leaks on to the skin. You must have a hair clip, a big towel and a mirror in front of you to apply color properly. Follow the directions and apply the color to get the desired look. Leave it on for 25 to 45 minutes and rinse it well.

The cosmetics industry is overflowing with all types of hair color that can be used to transform your looks. You must select the hair color wisely in order to enhance your looks and head for a professional salon, in case of even the slightest doubts.

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