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What is a Hair Color?

Every individual has a distinct color of hair and not everybody is satisfied with the way their natural tresses look. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, we have the option of coloring our mane in the desired color. The process of altering the natural color chemically is known as hair coloring. This can be permanent, temporary or semi-permanent. The periods for which the color lasts is usually determined by the texture of an individual’s hair. If you are desperate to go in for a whole new look, the best way to do this is by changing the original color of your tresses. But it is important for you to know what hair color is in order to get the right look and maintain healthy colored locks.

What is a hair color and its types?

If you have dark tresses, you can lighten them by using lighteners such as bleach and if you have lighter hair you can opt for darker shades available in the market. There are various types of hair colors classified on the basis of the length or time for which they tend to affect the hair. The four most common types are:

Permanent Hair color: This type of hair color comprises of a developer as well as oxidizing agent along with an alkalizing ingredient as part of ammonia or an ammonia substitute. This is used to lift the cuticle of the hair fiber in order to allow the tint to penetrate allowing for the formation of tints within the hair fiber facilitating the action of peroxide to lighten the hair. When the alkalizing agent and developer are blended the peroxide becomes alkaline and enters the cortex where the melanin is located. Hair becomes lightened due to the break up of melanin on account of the process of alkalization and the hair is replaced with new color. Hair lighteners and bleaches also fall in this category.

Temporary Hair color: The large pigment molecules of temporary hair color do not penetrate the cuticle layer allowing the hair to remain colored until the first wash. This type of color is available in the form of sprays, gels, shampoos and liquids. It is used to add vivacity to the tresses in shades of pink, red, orange etc. These colors do not penetrate into the hair shaft and remain absorbed in the follicle. They can be easily removed with a single hair shampooing session. One of the biggest benefits of these colors is that they can be removed whenever you like and are less harmful than permanent or semi-permanent colors.

Semi-permanent Hair color: This type of color has been developed to color the hair shaft without lightening it. It does not comprise of a developer and tends to last longer than temporary hair color as it has smaller pigment molecules. It lasts for a longer time keeping the color intact for almost 10 to 14 shampoos. It is ideal for dry, damaged hair.

Demi-permanent Hair color: Several big brands have launched permanent hair colors that can be used only for setting the color. For this, the permanent hair color is mixed with a low intensity developer that lessens the impact of ammonia developing it only to the shaft. This type of hair color is extremely gentle on the hair and can be used without lifting the natural pigment of the hair. These colors are ideal for color printing, tint-backs and for toning pre-lightened hair.

Coloring techniques for getting great hues:

What is hair color if applied without using the right techniques? In order to get the desired look you must use the right application techniques.

  • If you are looking to get a uniform effect by applying hair color all over your head, you can use assistance from a friend. The best way to do this is by parting your hair and then starting with one side all over the shaft.
  • If you plan on highlighting your tresses, you need to take sections of hair and apply color to hair that is pre0treated with a lightener to get blonde streaks.
  • In order to get lowlights, you can apply color on sections of hair that have been treated with a darker colorant and wrap them in foils.

Hair color can alter your looks instantly. Therefore, it is essential for you to apply it correctly in order to avoid any disasters. If you are not sure of getting the right look at home, it is recommended that you go to a hair expert and get your tresses colored. Make sure that the color you choose complements your features, complexion and personality.

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