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Clip Up Hairstyles

Your hairstyle can make a world of difference to the way you look and feel. Hairstyling is the art of beautifying your tresses to enhance your looks. These are various types of hairstyles by means of which you can dress up your tresses. You can use a number of accessories to add spice to your hair such as clips, barrettes, head bands, pins, flowers, wreaths, ribbons, scrunchies etc.

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality and can transform you from a plain Jane into a chic diva overnight. Getting the right look plays an important part in establishing your individuality and enhances your looks. Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory possessed by all of us. It can be colored, cut, clipped, blown, curled or crimped to suit our needs and looks. One of the best ways to get a new look is by going to a professional hairstylist and taking some sound advice on what hairstyle would be suitable as per your facial cut and features.

If you are planning to dress up for a special occasion, you can opt for various hairstyles depending upon the length of your hair. If you have long curly hair that never seems to be in control, you can go in for a clip-up style that is easy to create and can help you bury your curly hair blues. With this simple and sophisticated look, you can maintain the beauty of your long tresses and at the same time keep them in place.

What you need?

For creating this style you will need wax, two sets of interlocking combs and a large brush or comb.

Steps to make the clip up style:

  • Comb your hair in order to get rid of any tangles.
  • Rub a little wax on the palms of your hand and work it into the curls with your fingertips.
  • This helps separate the curls and makes them glossy.
  • Take two large curved combs that are interlocked and push the crown hair up towards the centre.
  • Fasten the combs together to secure the hair.
  • Use two more combs and fasten them near the ears.

The time taken to create this style is usually 2 to 5 minutes. The difficulty rating given to it is easy. It looks great on medium to long curly hair.

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