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Curly Options Hairstyle

Curly hair can be a blessing or a curse. Some individuals love their curly hair while others feel that they can never get over the curly mess. Curly hair can be extremely loveable at times and at other times it can make you feel awful. The best way to live with it is to tame it to your benefit. One of the biggest drawbacks of curly hair is that it can be very dry and brittle and tends to get frizzy very quickly. It soaks up moisture rather quickly which causes the cuticles to expand. Thus, one of the best ways to keep curly locks in good shape is to give it a good deep conditioning treatment, use hair products comprising of silicon, give hot oil treatment at least twice a week and massage it on a regular basis.

One of the biggest myths revolving around curly hair is that it doesn’t have a number of options for hairstyles. But this is not true. There are various curly options that can make the hair look settled down and pleasing. You can wear your hair short, mid length or leave it longer.

Curly Options for your tresses

Naturally curly hair or chemically permed hair can be styled in a number of ways.

  • Shampoo your hair and use a good leave in conditioner.
  • Spray a curl reviver that enables you to reform the movement of your tresses.
  • Section by section start backcombing at the roots and tilt your head forward and use a good quality hair spray. This tends to set in the curls.

There are loads of curly options you can pick and choose from depending upon your facial cut and hair texture.

Short Loose Curls: There was a time when short, curly hairstyles were a rage. But now, these hairstyles are just a nice change from the constant short crop or cut. This hairstyle uses very well defined curls to create a great look.

Longer Bouncy Curls: This hairstyle features longer, unbound curls that just seem to naturally fit into the look. It’s a long hairstyle that combines relaxed curls and long hair to frame the facial area and create an attractive look.

Light Wavy and Curly: This hairstyle emphasizes larger, wavy curls with lots of definition. Because the curls are loose, there is more frizziness, which makes using a frizz control product a necessity. The light curls of this hairstyle provide a slight wavy look.

Bohemian half-up braids: For hair with a natural wave, use holding foam when the hair is damp and then blow-dry with a diffuser. When dry, randomly curl sections of hair with a one-inch iron, then add two small braids along the hairline and bring them together and pin at the back.

Short Loose Curls Long Bouncy Curls  
Light Wavy and Curly Bohemian Half-up Curls  


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