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Curly hair is a blessing for some, while others consider it to be a curse. The biggest problem with curly hair is that it tends to get frizzy very easily that makes it extremely difficult to manage. Hair is the most important feature of any individual. Sixty per cent of our looks are based on how well kept our hair is. If you have curly hair that is difficult to manage and style, you need not worry. The good news is that with proper hair care and styling, you can get rid of the frizzy mess to acquire healthy looking gorgeous locks.

There are a variety of curly stylers available in the market these days that enable you to get rid of the frizzed up mess. These stylers can be used to transform your curly locks into a sleek, glossy mane easily and quickly. This device works swiftly, efficiently and helps you transform your looks in just a few minutes. There is not much of a difference between a ponytail styler and a curly styler except for the fact that a ponytail styler can also be used on curly hair, by creating a ponytail with double twists.

Simple instructions for using the curly styler:

  • Firstly, the hair must be brushed and all the tangles must be removed.
  • The hair needs to be clutched into a ponytail and secured with a covered band.
  • The styler must be inserted and the ponytail should be carefully threaded through it.
  • The styler is now pulled down so that the pony tail is pulled through.
  • The pulling is continued till reaching the bottom end.
  • The hair is then smoothened and the styler inserted again, repeating the above steps once more to give a neat and smooth look.

The time taken for styling the hair is generally five minutes. The curly styler is suitable for people with long and naturally curled or permed hair. The whole process is relatively easy; however you may take time to get adjusted to it.

Tips for styling your hair:

Here are some tips to be followed while using the curly styler on hair, follow them thoroughly and you will have results that speak for themselves

  • Use the styler on slightly damp hair for best results.
  • It is recommended to use a heat-protecting product before styling the hair.
  • You may choose to have a single pony tail in most cases.
  • Don’t part your hair, just brush it backwards.
  • Select the styler carefully, the quality is important as well as the type.
  • With layered hair, use the right moulding/ fixing product. This shall keep the hair secured in place and make it look longer.
  • A fine mist must be sprayed once you have finished styling your tresses. This helps in holding the desired style.

Curly hair care for making a better ponytail:

Shampoo your hair on a regular basis with a mild shampoo. You must use a good protein base shampoo for getting the required level of softness.

Condition your hair at least four times a week. This helps bind the moisture level in the hair. You can also go in for an intensive conditioning treatment if you hair is more prone to the frizzy mess.

Avoid brushing or combing wet or damp hair as it tends to breaks easily resulting in frizzed out hair and split ends.

Always let your hair dry naturally and avoid using blow driers and hoot irons on a regular basis. You can go in for ceramic hairdryers and flat irons when looking to style your tresses as they generate negatively charged ions that help combat frizz and split ends.

Always use hair products that are designed exclusively for curly hair. They can be very helpful in controlling your untamed curly tresses. Remember to use a gentle sulphate free shampoo.

Non-oily gels, creams or serums can instantly add volume to your curls and transform dull, dry hair into a super smooth and glossy mane. Take a little at first, as you can always take more if needed. Properly using the correct products that suit your curly hair will help control the frizz and dryness.

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