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Dragged Side Braids for curly hair

Hair is the most important fashion accessory of any individual. Our tresses can be tamed in a number of ways such as colouring, curling, cutting, braiding, blowing or weaving. Braiding is one of the oldest and most popular hairstyles that have always been a rage. Remember your grandmother spinning through your hair to create those magical braids when you were younger? Braiding is an art in itself. In order to get the desired look, you must master this art. Though it is not that easy, braiding looks good on almost everyone. The most common way of braiding is the simple three strand braid. A person with long or medium hair will look good with braids. A new trend in braiding is Dragged Side Braids. Models, actresses and other celebrities with curly hair are often spotted sporting Dragged Side Braids. This particular type of braid is a hairstyle specifically for people with curly hair. This hairstyle cannot be done unless you have curly hair.



Things you will need for the Dragged Side braid :

  • A comb
  • Some hairpins
  • Covered bands
  • Hairband (not compulsory)

Instructions for making pretty dragged Side Braids:

  • Firstly, the hair has to be parted from the centre.
  • Then, a large section of hair at the side has to be divided. Remember to comb it as flat to the head as you can.
  • The section now has to be divided into two equal strands.
  • Now, hold these strands apart.
  • Next, you have to make a dragged braid which can be done by pulling the strands of your hair downwards in the direction of your face. Then, start braiding in the normal way, that is, the right section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original right section becomes the middle section and then the left section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original left section becomes the middle section and so on.
  • Braiding has to be continued till the end is reached.
  • The end has to be secured with a covered band.
  • Now, the braid has to be tucked behind the ear. Pin it in place.
  • A similar second braid has to be made on the other side.
  • You now have Dragged Side Braids. The more you practice, the better you get at making this gorgeous hairstyle.

Tips for crafting the perfect braids:

Perfect braids start with healthy hair. For easier braiding and better braids, just follow the following hair care tips:


  • You can wet the hair a little bit before braiding it for better results.
  • Make sure to brush the hair nicely first, as there should be no tangles.
  • Do not make very tight braids; it has been proved that popular modern hairstyles which include tight braids can lead to permanent bald patches. If the braids are too tight, they will pull the hair away from the scalp, and hence your hair will either become weak or you will have hair loss.
  • It is advised to not comb wet hair. It first has to be dried out and then the tangles have to be removed.
  • Never use a hard brush. Your brush should have correctly spaced bristles.
  • Never twist or tug at your hair unnecessarily.
  • Always brush your hair before going to bed every night.
  • Make sure that every hair product you use on your tresses suits your hair type. If any shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product irritates your scalp, stop using it immediately.
  • Always make sure that your hair is trimmed regularly. Avoid using hair sprays on a daily basis.

It only takes about five minutes to create Dragged Side Braids. The difficulty level given to them is easy. You will notice that your braids will get neater and better with practice. One important thing about Dragged Side Braids is that they can only be practiced on long and curly/permed hair.
Remember to accessorize with hair clips, headbands and other glittery girly stuff like bows for a beautiful hairstyle.

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