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French Pleat (Roll)

Hair is an inseparable part of your face and adds to your good looks. It is the mirror of your health. If maintained well, it enhances your personality. Hair is the most important indicator of beauty and health and hence, it is worthwhile to spend time and energy to take care of it. Your hair can create an illusion of width or height balancing with the shape of your face making you look and feel better.

There are various hairstyles one can pick and choose from in order to look beautiful. One of the most popular hairdos that can be sported on formal occasions is the French Pleat also known as the French Roll. It is known by several other names all across the globe. This hairdo looks extremely elegant and chic. Mid length hair is ideal for creating this hairstyle in just a few minutes.


What you need:

In order to make this classic hairdo you will need a comb, hair pins and hairspray.

Steps for making the French Pleat Hairdo:

  • Comb out all the tangles and knots from your hair.
  • Backcomb your hair all over.
  • Smooth your tresses across to the centre of the back and hold them in place by criss crossing hair pins in a straight line up the back of the head.
  • Smooth the hair from the other side leaving the front part free.
  • Tuck the ends under your hair to form a roll.
  • Secure them with pins and slightly comb the front section up and around to blend it with the top of the pleat.
  • Use a good hairspray to add a glossy effect to your hair and make the style look neat.

The time taken to make this hairdo is 5 to 10 minutes. The difficulty rating given to it is easy.

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