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Hair dressing for a gorgeous you

All of us wish we had hair like the gorgeous models posing on the front page of beauty magazines. Hair is the most important beauty asset of any individual. Our tresses make up for sixty percent of our overall personality. Hair dressing can be defined as the art of arranging or dressing the hair to make it look beautiful.

We all style our tresses to change the way we look. People braid, dye, straighten, curl, highlight and cut their hair in an attempt to make it look beautiful. Nowadays, it is very common to find people going to hairdressers all the time. Though there are a million hairstyles one can sport, we will take a look at some of the most common ones which are ponytails and braids.

Hair dressing and Ponytails

Ponytails are beautiful, as well as easy to do. They can be of various types such as messy, sleek, or two or three at a time. Ponytails are classic and glam hairstyles that can be worn at home, at a party, while hitting the gym, or even to workplaces. In short, ponytails can be worn anytime, anywhere, anyplace. They suit all types of face shapes. Ponytails are the most preferred hairdo because they take very little time to style and suit every hair color and hair texture. For this quality, they have been termed as the ‘five-minute hairstyle’. Though anyone can carry a ponytail well, people with very short hair cannot make ponytails. Ponytails are comfortable, and the hair looks neat, organized and pretty in them. Ponytails are very popular and are sported by kids as well as old women. Ponytails look fabulous on layered hair and also on hair with bangs or fringes. You can make a ponytail look cute by adding lots of funky clips and barrettes to your hair. There are numerous types of ponytails, including the high ponytail, the wavy ponytail, the perky ponytail, the side ponytail, the low ponytail, the sleek ponytail and the humble ponytail. Ponytails work well with long, short, curly and straight hair.


Braiding is a very old hairstyle. Though it is not that easy to braid, it looks very good on almost everyone. The most common way of braiding is the simple three stranded braid. With some practice, you can make many other braiding styles than the three stranded braid, like the four stranded braid, the five stranded braid, the eight stranded braid, the twelve stranded braid, and so on. The more the number of the strands, the more difficult is the braid. Braids generally take around fifteen minutes to be completed. They are not very easy and need practice. A person with long or medium hair will look good with braids.




The most basic hair dressing rules are:

  • The hair has to be washed frequently. Remember to use a recognised, branded shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type.
  • It is advised to not comb wet hair. It first has to be dried out and then the tangles have to be removed.
  • Never use a hard brush. Your brush should have correctly spaced bristles.
  • Remember that combs and brushes have to be kept clean.
  • The hair should not be pulled into tight knots or very tight ponytails.
  • Never twist or tug at your hair unnecessarily.
  • Always brush your hair before going to bed every night.
  • Be sure that every hair product you use on your hair suits your hair type. If any shampoo or conditioner, or any other hair product irritates your scalp, stop using it immediately.
  • Before going to a party wash and condition your tresses so that you can style them properly and with ease .
  • Always make sure that your hair is trimmed regularly. Avoid using hair sprays on a daily basis.
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week as this nourishes the roots and improves blood circulation on the scalp.

Hair dressing is a great technique by means of which you can style your hair in a million ways. Everybody wants to look gorgeous and taming your mane is the best way by means of which you can enhance your looks instantly. It is essential for you to choose the right kind of hairstyle, cut and curls keeping in mind your facial structure, height, accessories and apparel.

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