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A hairstyle refers to the styling of your crowning glory to complement your features and looks. Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory of an individual that can be cut blown, colored, layered, tied, braided or curled in a number of ways. Beautiful hair is the most important factor for a woman and to achieve that hair care is an extremely important aspect. But one should make sure that they choose a hairstyle that suits ones face and hair type. 

It is unadvisable for you to get a haircut under the influence of a celebrity hairstyle as it is not necessary, that the particular hairstyle is likely to suit you. A great hairstyle helps a lot in boosting a person’s confidence and self esteem.

There are endless hairstyles that a person can choose from for all types of hair and all lengths of hair. One should also make sure that the hairstyle they choose suits their face shape. The different types of facial shapes that people usually have are:

Heart-shaped face: If you want bangs for this face shape you should wear them full and curly. You must opt for a hairstyle that looks fuller at the top than near the jaw line in order to complement your facial shape. You must go in for a short or medium length cut. A short bob is one of the best hairstyles you can choose for a heart shaped face.

Oval face : With an oval shaped face almost any hairstyle will look good. One of the best options for this type of facial cut would be one in which you do a side or a center parting and let your hair rest on your shoulders. It is also advisable to have your hair away from your face and not to have too many full bangs. 

Round faces : If you have a round face you must opt for short hair or chin length hair. You should consider layering your hair right from the top and keep your hair close to your face. Make sure that you do not cut your hair very short and have a haircut that is rounded towards the ends at your chin because it will exaggerate your face shape even more. You must also avoid keeping the hair near the sides of your face and near your ears. 

Square Face : A square face has a very sharp angled jaw line and in order to lessen this feature one should go in for hairstyles that emphasize the cheekbones. The length of hair that is perfect for you is about below the chin or shoulder length because these lengths will help in alleviating the square ness of your jaw line. For a square face shape it is better to wear a side part instead of a center part. 

Triangular shaped face : Since you have a triangular shaped face you should keep the hair away from the face and ears. You should keep your hair length at least up to the chin and cut your hair in lots of layers.  Also, if you plan to let your hair loose, you should tuck it behind the ears in order to enable you to highlight the eyes and increase the width.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle:

    • One should not follow fashionable hairstyles blindly.
    • One should consult the stylist before getting the hair styled by them.
    • One should make sure that they are aware about how much time and money would they have to spend on the hairstyle they decide to have.
    • Also, one should make sure that the hairstyle suits their lifestyle and the clothing that they wear.


The hairstyle of a person is one of the most important features that enhance one’s outer beauty.

Even though, there are a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from one should select something that matches them in every sense. Life keeps changing and if one wants to change from the girl next door to the hot girl in town then getting a new and trendy hairstyle is the ideal way to do it.

Heart Shaped Face Oval Shaped Face Round Shaped Face
Square Shaped Face Triangular Shaped Face  


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