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Perm Revival

Hair Perming is the process of physically and chemically processing straight hair in order to get curls or waves. Perms are a great way by means of which you can add volume to true curls and transform your looks overnight. Perming depends on the texture, style, volume and nature of your hair. A perm helps you get rid of blow drying, rolling and setting your hair on a daily basis. The biggest problem with perms is that they tend to wear out over a period of time and require a perm revival technique by means of which they can be bounced back.

Prior to perming your hair, it is essential for you to visit a professional hair stylish who can give you appropriate advice on getting the right perm. The process of perm revival requires you to undergo the process of restructuring pf hair by the application of the right techniques and knowledge.


Hair perming process:

Perming breaks down the chemicals and transforms the structure of hair. Once the hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod, waving lotion is applied on to the shaft along with a base. The action of chemicals softens the inner layer of hair by reacting with the keratin in the cortex. This softens swells and stretches the hair which moulds according to the shape of the perm rod. Perm revival helps uplift the faded perms and adds a new life to your hair.

What you need for a perm revival at home:

  • Dryer with diffuser attachment.
  • Mousse.
  • Large clip

The time taken for making this hairstyle is 15 to 20 minutes. The difficulty rating given to it is easy. It is recommended for the growing out perm.

Perm revival tips at home:

  • First and foremost, the hair has to be washed and conditioned properly. Hair that has already been exposed to chemicals may need a cream conditioner to protect it before making this hair style.
  • Now dry the hair using the diffuser attachment which is available with the hair dryer.
  • As your hair begins to dry, bend it forward in order to get maximum volume and root lift.
  • Apply mouse to every coat of hair working your way from the roots to the tips.
  • Hold your hair backwards and secure with a clip.

If you have really outgrown a perm, you might need to head for the salon, but with a slightly overgrown perm, this technique works wonders.

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