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Pigtail Crimp

Your hairstyle can make a world of difference to the way you look and feel. Hairstyling is the art of beautifying your tresses to enhance your looks. These are various types of hairstyles by means of which you can dress up your tresses. You can use a number of accessories to add spice to your hair such as clips, barrettes, head bands, pins, flowers, wreaths, ribbons, scrunches etc.

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality and can transform you from a plain Jane into a chic diva overnight. Getting the right look plays an important part in establishing your individuality and enhances your looks. Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory possessed by all of us. It can be colored, cut, clipped, blown, curled or crimped to suit our needs and looks. One of the best ways to get a new look is by going to a professional hairstylist and taking some sound advice on what hairstyle would be suitable as per your facial cut and features.

If you are planning to dress up for a special occasion, you can opt for various hairstyles depending upon the length of your hair. Pigtail crimp is one such hairstyle that can add instant zing to your look. It is the ideal hairdo for parties, discs, night-outs and proms.

What you need:

In order to make this hairstyle you will require covered bands, crimping iron, deep wave plate, hair spray, styling brush and a comb.

Steps for making the Pigtail Crimp:

  • Comb your hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles and knots.
  • Divide your hair into a fringe and part your tresses from the centre.
  • Brush one side of the hair and secure it upwards into a ponytail.
  • Style your hair in the same fashion on the other side as well.
  • Secure both ponytails in covered bands.
  • Thread the ends of the ponytails in a loop and pull them out for almost 7.5 centimeters.
  • With the help of the crimping iron, crimp your hair on one of the loose sections.
  • You need to ensure that the crimping plates are placed carefully to get a uniform effect.
  • Pick small sections including the fringe and crimp your way throughout the ends.
  • Use hairspray to set in the style.

The time taken for creating this hairdo is 10 minutes. The difficulty level given to this hairdo is easy.

Time: 10 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: mid length, straight with layers

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