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Quick Lift for added effect

Hair is an inseparable part of your face and adds to your good looks. It is the mirror of your health. If maintained well, it enhances your personality. Hair is the most important indicator of beauty and health and hence, it is worthwhile to spend time and energy to take care of it. Your hair can create an illusion of width or height balancing with the shape of your face making you look and feel better. Quick lift hairstyle adds lift to your tresses, enhances the volume and shape of your hairstyle and gives you a glamour model look instantly.

This hairstyle is recommended for all formal occasions and looks great on almost every face shape ranging from round, diamond and square to oblong, oval and heart. This hairstyle gives an instant lift to your tresses and curls and creates an illusion of volume and shape. It also gives an added level of bounce and shine to your hair making you look gorgeous within a few minutes. The quick lift is a simple method of enhancing your looks by adding volume and gloss to your tresses.

Things you will need to make the quick lift hairstyle:

Prior to creating the hairstyle you need to get organized and keep a few things handy. These include:

  • Mirror
  • Styling comb
  • Hair Spray
  • Styling Cream
  • Rollers

The time taken to make this gorgeous hairdo is usually 5 minutes but as a beginner, it may take a little longer. The difficulty rating given to this hairstyle is easy and it is recommended for short straight hair.

Steps for making the Quick Lift Hairstyle:

  • Shampoo your hair and condition it with a good leave in conditioner.
  • Let it dry naturally or speed up the process by using a hair dryer.
  • Take sections of your hair and use hair spray to mist them.
  • Backcomb at the roots with the help of a styling comb.
  • Take a single section at a time of the backcombed tresses and secure it with the help of a pin with the ends sticking upward.
  • Apply styling cream to smooth the fringe and side tresses.
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