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Quick Twists for transforming Afro hair or natural hair

Sassy quick twists have become a popular hairstyle for many back women. It is a long lasting, low maintenance hairstyle that can works wonders for you. This hairstyle is extremely trendy and looks good on almost everyone. A number of black women are growing out their perms and are selecting to go for the all natural look. The naturally curly tresses can be transformed into a glorious hair do with the help of two stranded quick twists.

The quick twists can be achieved with Afro hair or by styling synthetic hair extensions. Afro kinky hair is best suited for this hairstyle as it looks natural and blends extremely well. This hairstyle can be done on short, medium or long tresses and is recommended for any type of hair texture. The time taken to make quick twists is generally five minutes and the difficulty rating given to it is easy.

Things you will need to make quick twists:


Liquid gel

Mini clips

Quick Twists for natural hair:

It is recommended that you start with freshly washed hair that is wet as it is easier to twist it and sets better.

Use liquid gel to help set the twists.

Part the hair into random sections and split each section into two.

Apply gel to each section of the parted hair and keep twisting. The size of each section depends on the look you are trying to achieve. The more the number of twists, the fuller the style will look.

If you have short hair, you will smaller sections to support the style.

After sectioning the hair and splitting it in two, twist the strands around each other working your way from the roots till the ends.On reaching the end, you must secure it with gel, beeswax, rubber bands or mini clips.

You cal also wrap the ends around perm rods and let them dry.

Quick twists for Afro Hair:

Take small sections of the hair starting at the hairline and work your way up to the crown.

Twist into two, three or four turns.

Apply liquid serum to set in the style and give a smooth finish.

Fasten it with a mini clip or rubber band at the end.

Spray hair mist for the final finishing touch.

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