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Ribbon Bows

Ribbons are no longer for ‘small cutesy girls’. Ribbon bows are now being shown off by older girls as well. Ribbons these days are not about looking cute, they add to a person’s attitude. In short, ribbon bows are the latest craze.

Every girl loves to wear pretty little cute things and has accessories to adorn her hair. Ribbon bows are used to decorate several hairstyles on the ramp as well as on the street. People think that it is very tough to make a ribbon bow, but these are easy to make if simple step-by-step instructions are followed. Ribbons are the latest rage in the United States. Beautifully styled designer ribbons can be purchased to decorate your tresses. Ribbons are funky and fun to work with. Today we can find metallic ribbons, striped ribbons, printed ribbons, dotted ribbons, velvet ribbons, lace ribbons – you name it and they’re there.



Sheer or satin ribbons will be best for the ribbon bow instructions given below.


Tuxedo Bow

One yard of 2 1/4" ribbon has to be measured.

Now, the ribbon has to be held face up. One inch of the ribbon has to be measured.

Twist the ribbon between your fingers. Half turn it and measure approximately four inches.

Next, the ribbon has to be folded so that it forms a loop. Make sure to hold the ribbon between the fingers so that it is tightly secured.

The ribbon has to be twisted again and half turned. This process has to be continued in the opposite direction, making a loop on the other side.

Next, approximately three inches of the ribbon has to be measured so that it can form a loop. It has to be twisted and then half turned.

Now, three inches of the ribbon must to be measured so that a loop can be formed on the opposite side.

A piece of floral wire about five inches long has to be taken, and crisscrossed across the center of the bow, cinching down tightly.

Next, the excess ribbon has to be trimmed while omitting about ¼ inches stretching from beyond the wire in the centre in the front and back direction. The excess wire has to be cut off with the help of a wire cutter.

Using three inches of contrasting 5/8" ribbon, a center loop has to be created.

This ribbon has to be glued onto the center of the bow you created.

Pinwheel ribbon bow

This bow is a very attractive bow for people having medium to long hair.

Firstly, forty inches of ribbon has to be measured. 1 ½" or 2 1/4" ribbons give the best results.

A four-inch strip of ribbon has to be held face up, and then the ribbon has to be twisted and half turned so that a loop is formed.

Three inches of the ribbon has to be measured on the opposite side. The loop process has to be repeated.

This sequence has to be continued until there are two loops on both sides of the bow.

A four inched ribbon has to be cut. An 8-10" piece of floral wire has to be taken and crisscrossed over the center of the bow, cinching down tightly.

One tail of the bow has to be pulled up and the other tail has to be pulled down. Now, the ribbon ends have to be cut at a 45 degree angle.

The bow can be fluffed by pulling up on the individual loops.

Now, four inches of ribbon have to be taken inches of ribbon and folded to a 7/8" wide.

This ribbon has to be glued to the center of the bow and around to the back of the bow.

Ribbon bows are simple and easy for anyone to make. You need practice, and soon you will get better and better at making ribbon bows.

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