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Top Knot

We flip through the latest magazines in search of the perfect hairstyle. We go to salons and ask for the perfect hairstyle for a formal occasion. Top knot is a hairstyle that looks very good. It can be worn at weddings, proms and any other formal occasion. If you are bored of wearing the same hairstyle to the prom over and over again, you might consider making a Top Knot.  

Top Knots can be made in many styles – you just have to use your imagination. Remember to match the accessories you use with your Top Knot along with the outfit you are going to wear. Top Knots are popular at formal occasions because you don’t have to worry about the hair getting in your face or your hairstyle getting spoiled.

Top knots are perfect for shoulder length hair or longer hair that can be tied into a ponytail.  This hairstyle is designed to work best for hair that has medium thickness.  If you have curly or wavy hair you may have to temporarily straighten it to achieve this stunning look. If your face is oval, round or heart shaped, a top knot will look very good on you.

Simple Instructions for a Top Knot

It is advised not to do this hairstyle just after shampooing because after using shampoo, the hair gets soft, slippery and therefore it is hard to work with. 

A brush has to be used to remove all tangles in the hair. You can also add a little bit of hairspray to smoothen the hair. When the hair is smooth and there are no tangles, make a very high ponytail which rests at the top of your crown.

The ponytail has to be smoothened from roots to the ends.

The ponytail will have to be set into hot rollers to make it curly.  Gel can be used to style the hair. Style you hair with your fingers, because if you use a brush your curls may get ruined. 

One of the curls has to be folded so that it forms a loop. Remember to work clockwise and be careful with the curls. Once the loop has been formed, it has to be pinned near the crown at the base of the ponytail.  Remember to make the loops very carefully otherwise the curls may get spoilt.

It is advised to keep the loops as close to the head as possible, as this will make the top knot look elegant.

Make a few more loops in the same way.  

When all the loops have been formed, they should be merged into the ponytail to create an elegant effect.  

Once you are happy with your Top Knot, spray each loop with a good holding spray for securing it properly.

For a pretty effect, you can leave long tendril sections of your hair to make the Top Knot look more beautiful.

To finish, you can put some glittery crystal hairclips or headbands or even add jeweled clips. You can also adorn your tresses by putting in a fresh flower. 

Simple Instructions for a braided Top Knot

The end of each braid has to be tied together with a cord.

Now, the braids have to be crossed over each other. Once you have crossed them, pick the braids and hold them from the crown.

The braids have to be tied in a knot.

Tie a double knot so that the knot is secured.

Now, you can put some glittery crystal hairclips, headbands or even add jeweled clips to decorate the knot.

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