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Wedding Hairstyles

The wedding day is the most awaited day of any woman’s life. She needs to look her best and glow on this day. From the perfect dress and make-up to the perfect accessories and hairstyle…a lot of effort goes into planning for the D day.

Before choosing the right wedding hairstyle you should keep in mind the dress that you would be wearing and the theme of the wedding. You can also consult a professional stylist to guide you on what hairstyle would go well with your dress and your face cut. There are many types of wedding hairstyles one can go for, right from classic up-dos to leaving your hair down.

Tips for wedding hairstyles:

  • One should take several pictures of the wedding hairstyle to the stylist so that the exact look can be made and one doesn’t have any disappointments.
  • Make sure that you try your wedding hairstyle much in advance of the wedding day to know what it would look like and if required changes can be made to suit you.
  • You should take good care of your hair to make your tresses look glossy and healthy on the wedding day. You can go in for a deep conditioning treatment at the salon prior to your wedding.
  • If you feel like getting your mane colored, consult a professional hair stylist. This will give you an opportunity to get it colored in streaks, highlights or overall coloring.  

Wedding hairstyle ideas

Half hair up-do: This style can be used for people with long hair. In this style part of the hair is styled in a bun on the top of the head either in a plain bun or a bun with curls, and the bun can be decorated with hair pins, flowers etc. The rest of the hair can be left open with soft curls.






Full up-do beehive: This hairstyle is from the 70’s retro look and looks great with straight hair. For this hairstyle the entire hair can be back combed. Then a twisted French bun is made and tucked in, and to hold the style together hair pins are used in a fashionable way giving it a stylish look at the back.





Soft curls: This style gives a very simple and elegant look. All one needs to do is get soft curls done by a curling iron and then bringing the hair to one side from the back, the hair can be tied with a ribbon or a clip and decorated with a flower. This look is great for a casual wedding on the beach.

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