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Asian Hairstyles

Asian hairstyles are considered to be extremely sexy and exotic. Most Asian women have dominant features that make them look stunning and their hair type ranges from sleek straight and silky to curly or wavy. Over the past few years, these hairstyles have gained immense popularity and have crossed to East vs. west barrier in the fashion circuits. Most westerners view Asian hair as smooth, straight and gorgeous.

If you are looking to adopt one of the Asian hairstyles, you need to do your research well. You must consult a professional hairstylist in order to get sound advice about your facial cut, skin tone, hair type and lifestyle. There are thousands of websites available on the internet from where you can pick up the best Asian hairdos to complement your personality. One of the best ways is to have a look at the various Asian and Asian American celebrities such as Lucy Liu of the Charlie’s Angel’s fame, Shilpa Shetty of the Big Brother fame and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

Features of Asian Hairstyles:

Asian hair is considered to be harder than other hair types and has the tendency of being weighed down. Most of the time, it is resistant to the curling iron and very few Asian women resort to a flat iron for straightening their tresses. Most Asian women go in for a style that blends with their natural tendency to lie flat.

With most Asian women becoming fashion conscious and trying to follow the fashion trends of the West, the demand for perming irons and hot rollers is increasing by the day. Most of the perm machines tend to deliver an accurate amount of heat and the chemical solutions with which the hair is treated make it possible for women with straight tresses to get romantic curls.

Color techniques for Asian Hair:

Black hair makes a bold statement on Asian skin type and a good cut can make Asian hair look dazzling. Coloring trends and techniques can also spice up Asian Hairstyles. The most popular colors for Asian hair are copper, gold, bronze, dark brown and red. One of the most popular coloring trends in the Asian market is the double sided technique which focuses on using a darker shade on the underside of the shaft while uplifting the hues with a lighter shade towards the top portion. This adds a pleasing effect to the tresses and makes the hair shimmer against the effect of light.

Types of trendy Asian Hairstyles:

Sleek Long cut: In this hairstyle the hair is trimmed at the bottom in an even length and the tresses are left open after brushing them and drying them with a blow drier. You can also part your hair from the centre of side to enhance your facial cut. Adding bangs emphasize the eyes and forehead in this style. You can also pin the sides and decorate them with flowers or jeweled accessories to get the desired effect.

Curls with a twist: This hairstyle looks great for all occasions and requires any length of hair below the shoulder level. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Then split your tresses in a middle or side parting. Take few strands and set it on rollers. You can also blow dry your hair if you are looking to set it quickly. Open the rollers and you are all set to twirl. You can finish styling your hair by spraying a fine styling spray so that the curls retain their shape for the longest period of time.

Hair claw up-do:

This style looks great if you are looking to go for a formal occasion. It is also a wonderful hairdo for all weather conditions and tends to set your features apart. Grab all your hair and twist up and secure with a hair claw. If you have very long tresses, you can also curl them or crimp them depending upon your preference.

Asian hairstyles can look gorgeous when styled in the right manner. They can enhance your personality and enable you to highlight your best features.  

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