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Back to School Hair styles

It is important for you to sport the right hair cut in order to accentuate your looks. Kids are no exception in this regard. The right haircut plays an important role in enhancing your child’s personality and boosts his self respect. It is important for parents to keep their children’s hairstyle simple and easy to manage until they step in their teens and can select from a variety of hairstyles. Selecting the best back to school hairstyles depends upon your child’s age as well as school curriculum. A good hairstyle for your kid will be one that stays intact in the classroom, at the gym, and on the playground.

As a parent, you must make sure that the hairstyle is not to wild and at the same time helps enhance your kid’s looks rather than making him/her look bland. There are various cute back to school hairstyles to choose from. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that both boys and girls are extremely active at a young age and need to sport a hair cut that is easy t manage and trendy. You must also keep in mind your child’s age before heading to the barber.

Back to school hairstyles for different grades:  

Elementary school: Kids are extremely active at this age and need hairstyles that are simple and neat. At this age kids are involved in a number of activities such as vibrant classroom activities, playground games and playing on swings. Ponytails, pigtails and short hair cuts held in place with head bands are popular hair styles at the elementary level. For boys, you can go in for brilliant cuts and short cropped hair cuts.

Junior High: At this level, junior high students develop an individual style statement and need a more fun look. They want to experiment with the way they look and feel about themselves. Medium hair cuts are great for girls with decorative barrettes, pins, clips and bands. For boys the hair cuts must be simple, neat and trendy.

High School: At this level, students tend to sport different hairstyles that are both simple as well as wild. For girls there are various hairstyles to pick and choose from ranging from ponytails and braids to blunt cuts and medium length hair cuts. Boys can sport short crops or bowl cuts.

Back to school hair styles for boys:

There are various cute hairstyles for boys to choose from.

Crew cut and short spikes: Some of the most popular hair cuts include crew cuts and short spikes as they are easy to manage and look trendy. These hair styles are short in length and stay out of the face of small children enabling them to participate in various indoor and outdoor activities with ease. These hair cuts look great on cute brats and chubby boys. If your son has a round face, they will certainly accentuate his looks.

Sweeping Hair style: You can also get your child’s hair set in a slight sweeping hairstyle. It is parted on one side and has a uniform length. The hair is combed on one side and looks great on regular occasions as well as on formal events.

Comb down hair style: This is a simple hair style that is cut in such a way that it sweeps gently above the eyebrows and is combed down on all sides. In this cut the hair is longer on the sides and shorter from the front and back.

Back to school hair styles for girls:

There are hundreds of cute hairstyles for girls that are easy to manage as well as look neat. Short hairstyles look great on young girls. They can be easily managed by adding beautiful clips and colorful headbands.

The blunt cut: This is one of the most popular hair styles for young girls. The hair is cut above the shoulder level and can be held back with a head band or parted I the middle or at the side and held back with cute clips.

Pony tails: This hairstyle looks amazing on small girls. Even if your daughter has curly hair, you can style it in a gorgeous ponytail and enhance your girl’s looks.

Pig Tails: You can part your daughter’s hair in the centre and make two pig tails on either side. This hairstyle looks neat and stays out of the way of young girls. You can also add ribbons to your make the pig tails look prettier.

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Crew Cut and Short Spiky Sweeping Hairstyle Comb Down Hair
The Blunt Cut Ponytails Pigtails


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