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Bridal hair

Getting married is every girl’s dream come true and that is also one of the reasons why all brides make that extra effort to look special for the biggest day of their life. Bridalhair is one of the most important features of a bride as the hairdo should be such that it not only looks splendid but is easy to handle and compliments the wedding apparel as well. To get that perfect hairstyle for your marriage you should treat your hair by either conditioning it at home or getting a hair spa treatment done at the salon which will impart a radiant shine to your tresses, strengthen them and make them look glossy and healthy.

While getting your bridal hair done make sure that you tell your stylist what your dress looks like so that they can give you a hair style that looks appropriate with the dress. There are many bridal hairstyles right from classic to modern and trendy. Keep in mind that you do not go in for something that cannot be maintained easily and looks like a disaster in your pictures.  

Bridal hairstyle tips

Make sure that you choose the hair style that you wish to have before you choose the hair accessories.

Try the hair style you decided on in advance so that changes can be made if required and then you will also know what it would look like.

Before getting your bridal hair done wear something with buttons so that it is easy to take off to wear your wedding dress without spoiling the hair.

Take good care of your hair and choose from a variety of bridal hair styles to make the right impact and style statement. 

Hairstyling ideas

For medium bridal hairstyles you can style your hair in bangs with a small sweep and the tresses falling down. This hairdo is very easy to handle and looks neat and sophisticated.

If you have long hair then you can always part it from the centre with wavy locks falling down from the sides and back to the shoulder. This hair style looks beautiful if one is planning to wear a tiara or wreath.

Up-do hair style is one of the most common hairstyles that brides choose because it is unique, neat and is very easy to maintain. The up-do bridal hair looks great when decorated with hair pins to complete the look.

Bridal hair accessories

Hair pins: They help in holding up the up-do hair style and keep it in place. They are available in a wide variety decorated with crystals, flowers, silk rosebuds, beads, pearl starfish and glitter. They look very elegant and make a fine style statement. But make sure that you use only as many as required. Overdoing your tresses can make you look clumsy.

Combs and Barrettes: They help in securing a part of the hair to the side. The width of the combs and barrettes is more than that of hair pins so only one or two should be used to look appropriate. It is important that they should be neatly used. They are also available decorated with a lot of materials which add sparkle to them just like hair pins.

Tiaras: A tiara is some what similar to a crown but it is semi circular in shape. It can be used to wear at the top of the head around the bun or can even be worn if you decide to leave your hair open. It makes every woman feel and like look like a true princess. It has a featured design in the centre and is tapered at the sides. It is designed with shells, crystals, pearls, ribbons etc.

Hair color: You can always consult your hair stylist and go in for a hair color that suits your features and complexion for your wedding. You can experiment with a wide range of hair colors available in the market and even go in for streaking, highlights, lowlights etc. for that added effect.

A woman who knows herself and knows what suits her always looks stunning on her wedding day. You also need to make that you make the right choices and take care of your hair so that you not only look good in person but also look good in your pictures in order to treasure a beautiful memory with gorgeous bridal hair.

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