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Choosing a hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle is a tedious task because a hairstyle is something that one notices as soon as someone sees you. A good hairstyle makes a good impression and helps a lot in bringing out one’s personality. But if one’s hairstyle doesn’t look good it makes a bad impression on other people.

Choosing the right hairstyle boosts up one’s confident and makes one feel good. It is important for you to go through a number of hairstyle before selecting one. You can go through the thousands of websites on the internet, scan through fashion magazines and even take help of technology to help you select an appropriate hair cut. For choosing a hairstyle, you can also use software that will enable you to see different hairstyles and what they would look like on you. This software is usually available with professional hairstylists.

You must keep a few things in mind before choosing a hairstyle such as your facial cut, features, height and hair texture. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes and that is why one should not blindly follow other people’s hairstyles without thinking. Avoid going in for a hairstyle that looks great on someone as it might not necessarily look good on you.

How to identify your face shape?

A simple way to find out one’s face shape is by standing in front of the mirror and drawing an outline of the face cut on the mirror with a lipstick. This process would give you an approximate idea about your face shape and would help you while choosing a hairstyle that is most likely to suit your face.

Face shape and hairstyles

Square shaped face: For a square shaped face one can choose a hairstyle with long layers or waves and curls. Also, a hairstyle which is feathered at the top and is softer around the ears would look good on a square shaped face. For such a face shape one must avoid choosing a hairstyle above the jaw line because then it would make the square shape of the face stand out which would not look good.

Oval shaped face: It is believed that an oval face shape is the ideal face shape to have and almost all hairstyles suit this face shape. But to be precise, for an oval shaped face one can choose a hairstyle that would add volume to the head. Soft layers with long hair or a short bob being longer at the sides and shorter at the back are some great ideas one can choose for an oval face shape.

Heart shaped face: For a heart shaped face one should make sure that while choosing a hairstyle one should go in for something that would add volume around the face. One should also avoid keeping their hair too long or adding too much volume at the crown.

Round face: For a round face one can choose a hairstyle with a short fringe or choppy layers at the back. Also, one can add a little volume at the top to make the face look a little slimmer. Individuals with a round face should definitely avoid a hairstyle which gives width or volume to the hair falling at the sides of the face.

Oblong face: One must not choose a hairstyle with volume on the top and neither grow their hair very long because then it will make their face look even longer. One can try a short razor cut that looks edgy for oblong shaped face.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle:

One should know their face shape before making a choice of their hairstyle.

One should not follow fashionable hairstyles blindly.

One should consult the stylist before getting the hair styled by them.

One should make sure that they are aware about how much time and money would they have to spend on the hairqtyle they decide to have.

Also, one should make sure that the hairstyle suits their lifestyle and the clothing that they wear.

Before choosing a hairstyle it is important for you to know what you want. Avoid experimenting too much with your tresses as the wring cut can result in a disaster. Choosing the right hairstyle is in your own hand. You can make your hair look pretty but, if precautions are not taken the hairstyle may end up looking untidy.

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