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Formal Hairstyles for all occasions

Your hairstyle can make a big difference to the way you look. Almost sixty percent of our looks are based on how we dress our tresses. Therefore, it is essential for us to wear the right hairstyle as per the occasion to complement our features as well as personality. Prior to dressing up for any occasion such as a wedding, prom night, corporate luncheon or cocktail party, it is essential for you to consider various factors such as your facial cut, length of hair, skin tine and hair texture. Most formal hairstyles are all about making an impact on a special occasion or event.

Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory possessed by any individual that can be colored, cut, styled, crimped, curled or pinned in order to make you look glamorous. Most of these hairstyles are meant for specific occasions. However, it is always better to style your hair in advance rather than goof up at the last minute. If you are planning on an elaborate do then it is advisable for you to consult a professional hairstylist who can give you the best advice as to which hairstyle would look best on you. Also, remember to keep your dress and accessories in mind while deciding on the right hairstyle.

Formal Hairstyles for different occasions:  

Wedding Hairstyles: Every girls starts dreaming about her wedding day right fro her adolescence. It is the most special moment of her life and she needs to look her best. It is important for you to go in for a special hair care treatment prior to the wedding day in order to tame your tresses. There are various treatments that can change the texture of your tresses according to the hairstyle you opt. Some of the trendiest wedding hairstyles are as follows.

Sexy Waves: If you want to leave your tresses open, you can opt for this gorgeous hairdo. Brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles and knots. Then part it from the side or centre depending upon your preference and divide the strands in sections. Set your hair on large hot rollers. When you open the rollers you will find that your hair has transformed into large wispy waves. This is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles for brides and looks ravishing with a tiara.

Classy up do: This style is great for those wishing to wear their hair in a sleek up do fashion. You can centre part or side part your hair from the front and gather the back hair and pin it up on a sleek bun.

Streaks for fun: You can opt for various coloring techniques and play with your tresses in a number of ways to enhance your overall personality. You can go in for getting your tresses highlighted, enhance them with lowlights or simply get a couple of streaks crated to accentuate your looks.

Prom hairstyles: The prom night is the biggest night in every teenager’s life. It is advisable for you to dress up like your favorite celebrity or fashion icon in order to get the perfect look. Most prom hairstyles need to be flashy as well as manageable.

Braids: Braiding is an ancient technique that seems to have originated in Africa. It is still a popular fashion statement and you can go in for making an elegant French braid or twist and knot for the prom. Most braids look good on medium length and long hair types.

Spiral up-do: This is one of the most popular prom hairstyles. You need to go to a hairstylist to get this done. To create this hairdo, the back portion of the tresses is pinned up in an elegant up do and the front bangs are crimped and left loose in face framing layers. This hairdo looks great with evening dresses.

Enchanted Princess: This hairdo gives you the look and feel of a fairytale princess. It looks great on medium to long hair. You need to tie a big ribbon and cast the bow beneath the tresses. Remember to leave your hair open. You can also use a tiara with this hairdo.

Most formal hairstyles look great on special occasions. Never forget to wear the right dress, accessories and make-up to accentuate your looks. Prior to selecting a particular hairdo, it is essential for you to consult an experienced hairstylist in order to look your best.

Wedding Hair Sexy Waves Classy Up-do
Streaks Prom Hairstyle Braids
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