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Gothic Hair Style

Gothic hair styles represent an individual who wants to look different from the rest and is not hesitant about making a loud impact. These hairstyles are not considered to be part of any mainstream hairstyle and are very different from punk as well as Elvira hairdos. They represent a dark side and are often a rage among teenagers who want to show that they have a rebellious teen spirit. These hairdos are a hit among college goers and youngsters who want to represent a dark, mysterious image that is kind of satanically sinister. Goth hairstyles can be considered to be a combination of both punk as well as dark Elvira styles but are designed in such a manner that they send out a bold message.

One of the main things to be kept in mind is that most gothic hairdos come out best when complemented with the right accessories and apparel. The choice of colors favored for Gothic hairstyles ranges from the all time favorite black and blues to vibrant reds and purples. Some individuals even opt for faded blonde tresses or go in for multiple layered streaks to get the perfect look.

Going Goth is all about looking different. It represents a certain level of freedom with which one identifies himself in order to make a bold impact on the onlookers. Most gothic supporters flaunt free flowing black tresses; wear black nail paint and black lipstick. Black metal accessories and black eyeliner are essential to complement this look. However, it is essential for you consult a good hair stylist in order to get the perfect Gothic hair cut with the right colors. It is unadvisable for you to attempt coloring your tresses or chopping them all by yourself.

Gothic Hairstyles and you:

Most Gothic Hairstyles are similar to the ones sported during the Victorian and Edwardian era. These types of hairstyles are considered to be non-conventional and are not the most popular types of hairdos in the society. Most parents prevent their kids from going Goth. There are certain factors that must be kept in mind before going in for the Gothic look such as your hair type, hair color and skin tone. Other than this, you must also consider your comfort level, lifestyle, type of job and capability to maintain the look on a wider perspective. For instance, if you are working as a librarian or are an executive in a corporate firm, you definitely wouldn’t want to sport a Gothic hairdo.



Types of gothic Hairstyles:

There are various kinds of gothic cuts and styles, but you must go in for something that suits your features and overall personality. It is advisable for you to opt for a hairstyle that can be changed with ease and is manageable.

Free flowing locks: This is one of the most popular hairstyles among girls. If you have naturally black tresses, then you are lucky otherwise, you need to get your hair dyed to a uniform black. Colors like purple, red, orange and dark blonde are also some great choices.

Going Wild: If you are inclined to make a vivacious fashion statement, then you can opt for one of the wilder hair cuts. You need to go in for a hair cut that accentuates your looks and leaves enough scope for you to play around with your tresses.

Medium Length cuts: If you have long hair, you can opt for a medium length cut with long flowing strands that are untamed. This sets part a rebellious image that is very much part of the Gothic style.

High Poofy cut: This is a typical Gothic hair ct in which the tresses are cut in such a fashion that they appear to float around the head.

Tips for getting the right Gothic look:

Depending upon the style you choose, you might need to go in for texturing your hair or curling, crimping and styling it.

Elaborate gothic styles require a lot of backcombing and setting them with molding mud, hairspray, perms, hot rollers etc.

It is essential for you to condition your hair with a good conditioner at least twice a week to prevent if from any damage.

If you have heavy weighed down tresses, you might need to reduce the texture in order to make your hair look sleeker.

Rinse your hair thoroughly while shampooing it in order to get rid f any product residue.

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