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Holiday Up-do Hairstyles

Holiday up-dos hairstyles look chic and charming. They have a subtle charm and can be sported on any occasion. They make your hair look elegant and sleek for any social event. You can style your tresses in a number of ways but it is better to consult an expert hairstylist prior to selecting an appropriate hairstyle in order to capture the desired look. You must also match your outfit and accessories with your hairstyle in order to make an impact on the onlookers.

Holiday Up-dos can actually enhance your overall look and make you look like a fairytale princess. You can also sport gorgeously designed accessories, glitter and alluring bangs along with your up-dos.

Types of Holiday Up-do Hairstyles:

There are various types of Holiday Up-do hairstyles ranging from wavy chignons and sleek buns to elegant and sassy up-do styles.

Wavy Chignon: This is an ideal Up-do for naturally curly or wavy hair. If you have straight hair, then curl your tresses with the help of a hot iron in long loose waves. Pull the hair into a loose ponytail and roll it into a bun. Secure the curls towards the outside and let tiny bits of wispy hair frame your face.





Ringlets Par excellence: This sleek up-do looks great on naturally curly or wavy tresses of medium thickness. The best length for this type of hairdo is shoulder length or slightly longer. Fine hair might not respond well to this type of hairstyle. Prior to creating this style, you must use a good volumizing shampoo and gel or spray to uplift the hair cuticle. This hairstyle looks great on almost all face cuts, particularly oval and heart shaped faces. It is best suited for medium to long length hairstyles.




Bun style up-do: This charming up-do is extremely sleek and elegant. It looks best on shoulder length or longer hair. It works best on fine or thin hair types and can be decorated with hair pieces and extensions. Straight hair is ideal for creating this style and if you have wavy or curly hair, you need to straighten it with the help of a flat iron. You can brush your hair backwards or make a mid or side parting in the front. Than gather your tresses in a ponytail and secure it tightly at the crown with bob pins. You can use great looking decorative pieces to enhance the bun. You can also add a light sprinkle of glitter to enhance the overall look of the bun.

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