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Japanese Hairstyles

Most Japanese hairstyles look sassy and classy. Japanese hairstylists have mastered the art of taming the tresses in a number of trendy ways. You can go in for a short style or long style depending upon your facial cut, lifestyle, hair type and comfort level. You can also experiment with a wide array of colors that can add zing to your tresses.

Japanese hairdos can vary from unusual cuts to cute and chic hairstyles. The main feature in most of these hairstyles is the parting of the front bangs. These hairstyles tend to emphasize the eyes and forehead.

Types of Japanese Hairstyles:

Short Japanese hairdos:

Casual cut Bob: This cute hairstyle has a flair for porous ness and mosso. The loose curls jutting out at the ends indicate casualness as well as poise. This is a popular hairdo among most youngsters. To create an added affect the hair can also be highlighted or bleached t a platinum shade.

Asymmetrical Bob: This hairstyle is cut in an uneven manner in which the bangs can be tucked behind the ears or left to frame the face. Adding colorful streaks can uplift this style.

Traditional Bob: This bob cut lays emphasis on feathered and shaggy layers towards the inside of the crown. It looks great with casual fashion and is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Feminine Bob: This is a round cut in which the bangs are left at a longer length. It looks great on almost every face shape and can be styled in a number of ways.  

Medium Japanese Hairdos:  

Exotic Curls: The focus of this medium hairstyle is on the reflex curls that frame the face in soft layers. Slight perming may be required to get the uplifted texture. It looks very feminine and can be sported on formal as well as semi-formal occasions. This hairdo is ideal for office wear.

Natural Ruffled: This hairstyle looks elegant with medium length layered bangs that fall in face framing layers. It tends to make the face look smaller and is ideal for square and wide facial cuts.

Uplifted bob: This medium bob slightly uplifted at the crown and the bangs are left falling above the shoulders. The side locks frame the face softly. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks good on almost all facial shapes. Adding a tinge of color to the hair makes one look spiced up.

Long Japanese Hairdos:  

Wispy layers: This hairstyle can be sported with both one layered cutting as well as low layered cutting. The bangs are added to spice up this cut and focus on enhancing the eyes. The sides are air waved to give an exotic shape and definition to this style.

Vibrant waves: This hairstyle looks good on waist length hair where the tresses are set on rollers and blow dried using a large round brush creating a vibrant texture. This hairdo adds an aura of feminine grace to the overall appearance of the individual.

Casual Cut Bob Asymmetrical Bob Traditional Bob
Feminine Bob Exotic Curls Natural Ruffled
Uplifted Bob Wispy Layers Vibrant Waves


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