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Practical ideas for Kids Hairstyles

Kids are very unpredictable right from being naughty at times to being shy and that is why before finding the right hairstyle for both boys and girls one should keep in mind that the hairstyle should be simple and easy to handle. One should also take care that the hairstyle is not too long and looks cute at the same time. Also, make sure that you choose a kid’s hairstyle that won’t bother them at school with you not being around.

For a boy after getting a haircut once, the second haircut is not required until the hair becomes long enough and the bangs reach up to his eyes. On the other hand, for girls haircuts should be given more often so that the hair doesn’t grow too long or get tangled. If possible a hairstyle for a girl kid should not be longer than the shoulders to be maintained easily.

Tips for kids Hairstyles:

For girls one should keep it simple or tied up because hair gets easily tangled up while playing.

Since children dirty their hair, one should make sure to give regular hair washes with a mild shampoo and one must also brush their hair everyday.

Try to keep hats or any other hair accessories minimal because they tend to mess up the hair.

If the kid’s hair is thin then one should avoid choosing a hairstyle that is too short.

One should not use too many chemicals on the kid’s hair which is applicable for both boys and girls.  

Kids Hairstyles for Girls:

Pixie cut: This type of hairstyle is easy to maintain and needs only a little bit of gel to set it which is optional. It is short in length and is great for a small girl who is adventurous and naughty.

Bob: The bob is simple and easy to maintain. The look with a bob can be changed according to the occasion by either curling the hair or using ribbons, barrettes, clips etc. to make it a look a little fancy.

Shag: The shag hairstyle consists of choppy layers which are tapered and uneven. The shag suits almost any face shape. This hairstyle looks good even if it grows a little bit or is a little messed up at times.

Long hair: Many parents like to keep their daughters’ hair long which does open a lot of options. With long hair one can make braids or ponytails. One can also use a hair band to keep the hair open as well as not irritate the kids while playing.

Kids Hairstyles for Boys:

Buzz cut: In a buzz cut the hair is cut really short with the length being somewhere around ¾ inches long to 1/8 inch. This hairstyle is usually preferred by parents having naughty sons because it is very easy to maintain.

Bowl cut: The bowl cut is kind of a retro cut in which a bowl is placed on the child’s head and then all the extra hair on the side is cut. The shape of the hairstyle looks like an inverted bowl but this hairstyle is easy to maintain.

Caesar cut: The Caesar cut is somewhat similar to the Julius Caesar hairstyle. In this hairstyle the hair is layered 1 to 2 inches all over and brushed forward to form a short bang or a fringe in the front.

Since kids are always very curious to explore new stuff and play with their friends one should give it a good thought as to what hairstyle would be practical for their children. One should not give them a hairstyle that is very difficult to handle as it can create difficulties for them when they are all by themselves. Choosing the right kid hairstyle will help him feel good and enable him to feel relaxed and happy.

Pixie Cut Bob Hair Shag Hair
Long Kids Hair Buzz Cut Bowl Cut
Caesar Cut    


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