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Prom hairstyles

Prom is one of the first and earliest formal party one attends as a teenager and that is why it is a very important occasion for all teenagers. For guys, there is not much they can do for their prom hairstyles but for girls, apart from deciding on a new dress, matching shoes and a great date to go with, they need to settle upon a ravishing prom hairstyle they will be sporting throughout the night.

While selecting a prom hairstyle you need to make sure that it matches the dress and you feel comfortable in the hairstyle you decide upon having. Prom hairstyles are available for all types of hair whether you have long, short, curly or mid length tresses. There are many options one can choose from. Also, one should make sure that one chooses something that suits their personality. Most girls tend to imitate their favorite celebrity prior to hitting the prom.

Tips for prom hairstyles

One should take their overall personality into consideration before choosing a prom hairstyle.

One must try their chosen prom hairstyle a few days before the prom to ensure that it looks good and suits them.

To have a great prom hairstyle in which the hair not only looks beautiful but healthy, one should take care of their hair in advance by regularly washing and conditioning the hair.

If possible one should consult a stylist and ask him/her to guide you on what would suit you taking into consideration the hair texture and length.

If one decides to wear a high neckline then one should definitely wear their hair up in a bun or any other hair up-do hairstyle.

Hairstyles ideas for prom

There are many things that one can do with their hair but just to have an idea about what could look good, below are a few ideas for prom hairstyles.

Prom hairstyle for long hair

Girls with long hair have many options for prom hairstyles. One very elegant and sweet prom hairstyle is the Simple chic cut in which the tresses are curled and just allowed to fall down and a thin ribbon band is tied below the hair so that it cannot be seen and looks like a hair band on the top. This prom hairstyle looks good for sure and is easy to carry.




Prom hairstyle for medium hair

Medium hair also has a variety of options and is considered safe and easy to style. A great prom hairstyle formedium hair would be the curled locks in which one can have an off centered parting with the tresses curled and tucked at the back of the hair. The side sweep of the hair over the forehead really makes the entire look very girly and stylish.




Prom hairstyles for short hair

Even though, with short hair there aren’t too many options available but something one can always try is a textured short cut with lots of textures and layers in it. This prom hairstyle is somewhat similar to the bob along with the hair swept to the side. It’s a good option to choose from because even with short hair it gives a nice formal look.




To keep your prom hairstyle looking fresh, neat and good, make sure that in case of any last minute emergencies one should keep hair pins, gel, and curling iron etc. handy. The Prom night is every teenager’s dream come true as it is a great chance to wear something beautiful and look beautiful. It’s a great way of leaving something old behind to experience something new.

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